Kendall Jenner Pulled off the Haircut You've Never Been Brave Enough to Try

Baby bangs for the win! 

Kendall Jenner - January 8, 2017 - NEW LEAD
Photo: Loreen Sarkis/Getty

While every other celebrity—from Ciara to Chloë Grace Moretz—is embracing a bang style of the side-swept variety, Kendall Jenner is taking a bolder approach. The supermodel was spotted at a Christian Dior after-party at Paris Fashion Week with baby bangs, a shocking beauty move from the Jenner girl who rarely switches up her hair.

There was that time she went blonde for the Balmain show, switching hair hues with Gigi Hadid, and that other time she wore a pair of long, wispy clip-ins for the red carpet, but her fringe might take the cake.

Kendall Jenner - Embed
Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty

So are they real? We’re going to assume the micro-bangs accenting her messy topknot are fake, considering the trend we’ve been seeing with celebrities and the very confirming fact that she walked the Chanel Couture runway without them the very next morning.

We gotta say though, paired with scarlet red lipstick and black sunnies, she nailed the look. And if Jenner wants to make them a permanent accessory, we officially send our approval.

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