Not shocked by how good she looks.

Kat Von D - December 3, 2014
Credit: Damian Shaw/Newspix/Getty

There are a few things that spring to mind when we think of Kat Von D—her tattoos, her tattoo work, her pet cats (we're obsessed), her makeup line obvi, and her signature beauty look. Her dedication to her dark, gorgeous hair and that flawless cat eye is truly inspiring. And while she's definitely worn different hair colors throughout the years (remember that dark blue moment?), in recent past she's stuck to black. So obviously, you get why we were super surprised to see this photo of Kat Von D without black hair.

Kat Von D Beauty shared the above Instagram of Kat and sent into a frenzy. It took us a minute to figure out who was in the picture (we knew she looked familiar!), but it's been a while since we've seen her with fiery red hair and a blunt bob, so we kinda needed to do a double take.

Once we got over the initial shock, we had a minute to focus on that bomb a** purple nail polish, which is from an upcoming collaboration between Kat Von D and Formula X.

Although the hair is probably a wig, we can't say that we're not into it if she wants to make the switch. That cut is goooooood.