Karlie Kloss Bangs - LEAD
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Karli Kloss has had bangs before. In fact, for a very long time, her signature haircut consisted of a choppy bob with wispy bangs that framed her face perfectly. So while we're not totally shocked with Karlie trying bangs once again, we are pretty blown away with how much she now looks like Taylor Swift's hair twin.

Come on, you have to admit her mod blunt bangs kinda, sorta look like her bestie T.Swift's. And even if you don't agree, you can marvel over how good she looks with this particular style, which we assume is just a wig.

Karlie Kloss Bangs - Embed
Credit: karliekloss/Instagram

Her bangs are never this long or thick, and paired with a mid-length layered cut, it's a completely new look for our girl Karlie Kloss. OK, so it borders on bowl cut status, but in the chicest way possible, right?

If Karlie ditched chopped into the lengths of her hair a bit, transforming it into a shag, she could be a Taylor Swift stunt double. See?

It's very likely this is just a temporarily look for a shoot or project of some kind, but hey, a celebrity hair transformation of any form is pretty much guaranteed to get you through the most grueling of Monday afternoons. Enjoy.