Karlie Kloss Got Bangs and Now We All Want Bangs

Karlie Kloss Bangs - Lead 2016
Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty

If there was ever time for a hair makeover for a supermodel, it’s New York Fashion Week. And it looks like Karlie Kloss took that to that hair chameleon calling last night when she debuted a fresh set of fringe at the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards.

Karlie Kloss Bangs - Embed 2016
Runway Manhattan/NYC Pictures

Besides going a tad lighter or shorter (or wearing a wig in a campaign), this is one of the first maj. hair transformations we’ve seen from Karlie in quite sometime. Mind you, she's worn bangs before, but these seem much thicker and blunter than her wispy fringe of the past.

As someone who currently has bangs, I obviously 100 percent approve of this beauty decision and am obsessed with the way she styled them for the event—with a low-key, textured chignon fastened at the nape of her neck.

Not that I had any plans on growing mine out, but now that Karlie is wearing a set, I think they'll be around for MUCH longer. This is mostly because I know she'll show me tons of different ways to style them.

So are they the real deal or is this another Kendall Jenner moment? While she tagged her stylist Karla Welch in her Instagram pic, we don't have any info on whether or not they are clip-ons.

We'll be looking towards the runway (she's bound to walk this week!) to keep you posted.

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