A lesson in edgy ribbon-wearing.

Kaley Cuoco
Credit: Jennifer Lourie/WireImage

There are a few hair looks that, while we'd love to be wearing them on the regular, we really just haven't found a way to do them while maintaining our adult status. Filed under this category are things like pigtails, headbands, butterfly clips (ugh, we miss!), and hair ribbons. Even though we had virtually given up on those hairstyles, Kaley Cuoco is breathing new life into our hair dreams by rocking a totally chic-as-hell hairstyle that includes, yes, a hair ribbon.

Celebrity hairstylist Derek-Peter Williams shared a picture of the ribbon-in-the-hair look he did on Kaley for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and we were instantly obsessed.

It looks like Peter braided or twisted a strand of Kaley's hair and then wrapped the braid in a piece of lacing, string, or a ribbon for a super edgy (and grown up!) look.

Kaley confirmed our suspicions that this was a bada** and edgy AF look when she shared that the look was Mad Max-inspired in her caption.

Kudos to Kaley and Derek for figuring out a way to make ribbons or leather lacing look both super adult and tough, although we wait for the day someone figures out how to do that with pigtails...