Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

The early 2000s produced some questionable hair trends—the pouf, waaaay too many face-framing layers—but that's not to say it was all bad. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez's amazing side-swept bangs of 2005. But get ready to feel some major déjà vu because J.Lo has officially brought back the bangs.

Jennifer Lopez
Credit: jlo/Instagram

Always a hair chameleon, Lopez's latest change features a set of super long, sweeping fringe created by her hairstylist Chris Appleton. They could easily be parted in the center and incorporated into her layered haircut, giving them a slightly more modern vibe than the very obvious side-swept bangs of the early aughts. Need an example? Google Nicole Richie 2007, or really, just look in any one of your high school yearbooks.

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We saw a similar look from J.Lo in the spring of 2016, so here's hoping she keeps it around for a little bit longer. Or, you know, just so we can collect enough pics to bring to the salon.