Jennifer Aniston's Hair: The Actress's 10 Best Hairstyles of All Time

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Hair icon Jennifer Aniston is most well-known for her '90s Rachel haircut from her time on Friends, but those choppy layers aren't the only trend that she introduced to the masses.

During her long career, Aniston has had long lengths, short bobs, and literally every layered look between the two. And about setting trends? Just about every shift in Aniston's style had stylists copying her look for anyone looking for a refresh. Think about it: she's had ombré hair, straight layers, and even side-swept bangs. What trend hasn't she tried and made her own?

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Jennifer Aniston
Aaron Rapoport / Contributor

Pre-Friends, Aniston wore her hair in its natural color (brunette) and with the '80s most in-demand add-on: bangs. She paired her fringe with long, long lengths.

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Jennifer Aniston Friends Hair
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Superstar stylist Chris McMillan gave Aniston what would become her trademark 'do: The Rachel. In 2011, she'd go on to say that the style was "the ugliest haircut I've ever seen," but after the cut made its debut, it skyrocketed to one of the most popular styles, ever. Just about everyone brought a photo to their stylist, asking for Rachel Green's shoulder-length swingy layers and honey-gold highlights.

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Jennifer Aniston Meet Joe Black Premiere
Ron Galella / Contributor

When Aniston started dating Brad Pitt, she let the layers grow out and experimented with texture, embracing beachy waves and toning down the chunky highlights for a more natural, sun-kissed style.

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Jennifer Aniston Long Hair 2000
Evan Agostini / Contributor

At the turn of the century, Aniston debuted her longest style, ever. The occasion? Her wedding to Pitt, which happened on July 30. For the big day, she grew her hair out way past her shoulders and went lighter.

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Jennifer Aniston short hair
Chris Weeks / Staff

Later that year, she'd go for a huge chop, going from longest-ever style to her shortest-ever cut. For a few months, she showed off a super-short length that went just past her jaw.

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Jennifer Aniston Bronde
David Klein / Stringer

Aniston stepped out in what would become her go-to style for the next decade and went "bronde" before "bronde" was even a thing with her combination of blonde and brunette hues. She'd wear the long, straight style, with only a few well-placed face-framing layers, for years to come.

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When she took home the Emmy Award for Best Actress in a Comedy, Aniston changed things up and went wavy.

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Jennifer Aniston 2003 bangs
Vinnie Zuffante / Contributor

Aniston brought back her bangs, though in a much more updated style than her '80s fringe. She went side-swept and so did just about everyone else who followed in Aniston's style footsteps.

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Jennifer Aniston Lob

Much like she did with bronde, Aniston set a new trend when she premiered her lob in 2011. In this case, it was slightly longer in the back and tapers up to her signature face-framing layers in front.

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Jennifer Aniston 2018 InStyle Awards - Arrivals
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Ombré was everywhere in the late 2010s, which meant that the dip-dye style also made an appearance on Aniston when she honored McMillan with an InStyle Award.

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Jennifer Aniston Morning show hair
Ian West - PA Images / Contributor

And when she shifted from comedies to drama with HBO's The Morning Show, Aniston ditched her honey highlights for a darker shade.

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