Jennifer Aniston Swapped Her Straight Hair for Her Natural Waves

I wish my hair looked this good in humidity.

Jennifer Aniston is the definition of a hair icon. When she debuted "The Rachel" on Friends, her layered shag quickly became the most popular cut of the '90s. Since moving on from the look, The Morning Show star has made beachy blonde highlights and pin-straight hair her signature style. In fact, Aniston has become so synonymous with blow-dried to perfection hair, that it's easy to forget her hair is actually wavy ... until she reminds everyone.

On Jan. 13, Aniston shared a selfie with her Instagram followers that shows off her loose, wavy hair. "Okay, Humidity ... 🥵😵‍💫⁣ Let's go ..... 👊🏼💪🏼 @lolavie," she captioned the photo.

Aniston's signature slightly off-center part is also missing from this selfie. Instead, she's flipped her hair to the side, which not only adds volume and body, but further shows off her curl pattern.

Aniston is currently in Hawaii to film the sequel to Murder Mystery with Adam Sandler, which is where the humidity comes into play. Based on the tag in her caption, it looks like the actress brought products from her haircare brand, LolaVie, to help her out.

The star launched the brand in Sept. 2021 with a Glossing Detangler that's perfect for adding moisture to dry, frizzy hair and gently getting any knots out.

"We started with the detangler because I'm a big detangler user due to the wear and tear I've done on my hair," Aniston told InStyle. "It's the first step when you get out of the shower so you don't rip through your hair. We tested different batches by giving it out to a wide array of my girlfriends and men who all have different hair types."

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Natural Waves
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Aniston wears her hair wavy once in a while on the red carpet and we hope to see more of her natural waves, because they look amazing. Seriously, I wish my hair looked this good in humidity.

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