By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 29, 2016 @ 9:15 am
Holland Roden - Lead
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty

I’m that girl who ogles at diamond hair broaches, bobby pins, and headbands, buys them, but then lets them literally collect dust on the top of my dresser. Still, I stare and think, “How can I make this work?”. Spoiler Alert: I never make them work and they end up simply collecting even more dust or getting lost and stepped on when they fall off my overcrowded counters. Moral of the story, I love the idea of hair accessories, but besides a headwrap every once in a while, I just don’t do it. Maybe I’ll change my ways, maybe I won’t, but my indecisiveness is why I’m particularly excited about Holland Roden making glitter roots happen on the 2016 MTV VMAs red carpet.

It’s a hair trend we’ve been seeing every now and then for a few months, but I’ve decided it’s the ultimate hair accessory for girls who hate (or just can’t commit) to hair accessories. The glitter gives you that sparkle, but without the potential headache from a metal headband and no tangles that inevitably end with you cutting out your broach. It's a very real fear, OK?

Sure, there’s a wash involved when it comes to getting the glitz out of your roots, but I’m willing to spend an extra five minutes in the shower.

I love how Holland's was so subtle—about an inch of gold glitter along her center part. And from afar, you can barely tell she's even wearing it. The rest of her hair was styled sleek and straight with, like, zero flyaways.

I don't think I could last more than three hours without fiddling around with a sparkly pin holding back my bangs, but I can do glitter all day long.