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By Tamim Alnuweiri
May 09, 2016 @ 10:53 am
Pierre Suu

Haircuts can be a traumatic experience — haven't we all cried at a hair salon before? We already know that Grimes is a one woman army, she writes and produces of all her own music, but now she's also making a point about being braver than the rest of us. Grimes took to her Instagram last night to show the new haircut she gave herself (as well as the process that took her there). The first photo that Grimes shared in the haircut saga is of her sporting a blunt shoulder length cut and straight across bangs.

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Do I keep cutting or quit while I'm ahead -- should probably just go full scar face

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Elf demon w a pronounced mustache

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She didn't stop there, Grimes continued to cut her hair until she was "filled w[ith] regret" (which is literally #me every single haircut). Grimes shared a photo of the final cut, a short on the sides long on top cut that she's calling "elf demon." Grimes did threaten to buzz off her hair if she didn't need it for her head banging, but in the meantime she'll be sporting her own version of the pixie cut.

And we say, you go girl.