Gina Rodriguez's Undercut Makes Its Red Carpet Debut

Photo: Getty Images

Spring means we're all shedding a bunch of layers — clothes, obviously, and most of the time, even hair. A few weeks ago, Gina Rodriguez teased us about her new haircut with a series of photos on her Instagram, though we still hadn't really seen the cut in action — until now. Yesterday, Gina Rodriguez officially debuted her new undercut at the CW Upfronts party in New York City, and she is killing it.

Getty Images

The haircut is a drastic change from Gina's usual long locks, but we love it. We bet the undercut also makes getting dressed a lot easier — even the most basic outfits will look totally bada** with this edgy cut. We also bet it's nice to get all of that hair out of her face as the weather warms up. Maybe we should consider a small shave...

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