We Now Have Confirmation Gigi Hadid Would Look Great with Pink Hair

Gigi Hadid Guys Choice Awards 2016 - Lead 2017
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty

If the fact that it’s Friday isn’t enough to put you in a better mood, let us direct you to Gigi Hadid’s latest hair transformation. The model, who doesn’t normally stray too far from her natural bronde hair color, just went pink.

Gigi Hadid Pink Hair - Embed 2017

The supermodel posted a picture on Instagram of herself with hot pink hair and a new a set of bold, blunt bangs. The drastic dye job features darker roots and an subtle ombred effect down the lengths of her hair, going from hot pink to a paler hue. It’s a complete 180 from what she has been seen wearing recently. Of course, there’s a very real possibility that this is just an impressive wig. Hadid has fooled us many times before with very real looking faux fringe, so only time will tell.

One thing we do know? If the supermodel wanted to go pink permanently, she could definitely pull it off.

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