Emma Watson - Updo - LEAD
Credit: Erez Lichtfeld/SIPA

From the front, the updo that Emma Watson wore to the Beauty and the Beast premiere in Paris over the weekend wouldn’t look out of place with a yellow tiered-gown. But, once the 26-year-old actress turned around, she revealed that the style was anything but Belle-esque.

Watson’s updo featured not one, but two twisted, messy knots layered on top of each other. While bobs and all of their iterations have been the recent rage in Hollywood hairstyles, this edgy take on your go-to second day hair top knot is one solid reason to go a little bit longer between trims if it means having enough length to recreate your own take on the look.

Emma Watson - Updo - Embed
Credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty

Forget the ponytail: double the buns, double the fun.