Daily Beauty Buzz: Demi Lovato's Beachy Waves

Demi Lovato: Beachy Waves
Photo: Christian Augustin/Getty

Few hairstyles scream "summer" quite like loose, cascading waves that look like you just came back from a weekend at the beach. If you're in need of a prime example of this style, look no further than the set of beachy waves Demi Lovato wore yesterday to the Global Citizen festival in Hamberg, Germany.

Although the waves give off the effortless vibe of going straight out of the water and back onto land, it does take a little bit of effort to create this look. To bring out your natural curl pattern, wash your hair with a texturizing shampoo like R+Co's Cactus Shampoo ($24; nordstrom.com), which will also add just the right amount of grip to your strands. If you need to use a flat iron or curling wand once your hair is dry to add more bend, a slightly gritty feel will help your waves hold up.

A few weeks ago Lovato celebrated the start of summer by dyeing her hair a few shades darker to a rich, deep chocolate brown. We love how her waves bring out her subtle bronze highlights by mimicking the way the sunlight bounces off your hair.

VIDEO: Demi Lovato's Beauty Transformation

Beachy waves like Demi's? They're cool for the summer.

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