Ciara Hair Transformation - LEAD
Credit: Jeff Vespa/Getty

What were you wearing in 2007? Maybe a denim mini skirt paired with layered Abercrombie polos. Hair wise, there’s a chance you were rocking a seriously fine set of side-swept bangs. It was the hairstyle to have, along with some long face-framing layers that started at the chin, or maybe a choppy lob. And while we all thought the bangs style was done and retired, Ciara shows up and makes them appropriate for 2017.

The singer posted a picture of her new haircut—a longer lob with the bangs of the mid-aughts we love oh-so much. With her hair parted on the side, they have just the right about of flip and look incredibly chic with her ombréd highlights.

Ciara Hair Transformation - Embed
Credit: ciara/instagram

While Ciara has been wearing her hair long and layered in the recent past, she was spotted about five weeks ago with a similar length and bangs parted in the center, which made it look like a completely different type of cut.

Basically, never underestimate the power of a hair part.