Chloe Grace Moretz Hair - Embed
Credit: chloegmoretz/Instagram

Whether or not it’s a reported break-over, we really don’t care. And honestly, that's none of our business. The reason behind Chloë Grace Moretz’s new bangs honestly doesn’t matter. What does matter? Getting an appointment with your stylist so you can copy her haircut immediately. The actor took to Instagram, alongside fellow actor Zoey Deutch in a selfie, to debut a layered shag with long, wispy bangs.

She clearly took off a good few inches and defined her bangs even more. Previously, CGM had been wearing face-framing layers that doubled as side-swept fringe.

Besides the fact that we now have yet another celebrity wearing a shag (T.Swift, Amber Heard, and Lauren Conrad are all adopters), we’re obsessing over her cut because it’s so versatile. And when you have bangs, that is something to appreciate.

A photo posted by Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz) on Dec 5, 2016 at 1:51am PST

In another pic, Chloë parted her bangs in the center for a completely different look.

Worn with waves, a rosy lip, and festive velvet suit (need now), she just gave you your next holiday party look—and obviously, a new cut for 2017.