The Beauty Product Trio You Need to Get Blake Lively's Magical Hair

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Here’s a sentence you’ve probably heard (or said) before. Blake Lively has a magical mane. While I have no desire in going full-on blonde at the moment, I do have an interest in trying out as many Blake Lively hairstyles as possible.

She not only aces the messy waves (never have I ever wanted fly-aways more in my life), but she also rocks the hell out of a ponytail and a ballerina bun. And then those ‘70s waves from the other day? Unreal.

The only thing to do was the track down her stylist, genius Rod Ortega, and ask him about how he creates these masterpieces. What he told me was so thrilling if you’re one who gets overwhelmed with a massive amount of styling product bottles on your shower rack. Honestly, I was shocked.

"I’m not big on product as far as layering a lot of product. I don’t think it’s necessary,” he tells me.

He also adds that he wants to see hair move and wants it to be touchable, which is exactly how Blake’s hair looks, so as far as I’m concerned, he’s got that covered.

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"You want to be able to run your fingers through it, flip it, flip it to the side," he tells me. "...I like it more effortless-looking. I think that’s beautiful."

However, he tells me that there’s a trio he swears by, a few of which have helped him create some of Blake’s recent jaw-dropping looks. Many of those looks have been done all in the same day, too.

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Hairspray ($11;

Rod just featured this product on his Instagram, and in terms of hairspray, it's a classic. He says because it's flexible, he can do a sleek ponytail, but then he can also brush it out. He said he's also used it to secure her famously tousled ponytails.

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L'Oreal Paris Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist ($6;

Another one of Rod's must-haves? An oil to product against split ends. He said he also likes to finish off looks with this type of product, applying it from mid-length to the ends at an arm's length away. One more bonus? Rod tells us that he can help detangle when you're styling.

T3 Interchangable Styling Wand ($270;

OK, I'm sorry I keep mentioning her '70s curls, but it's kind of hard not to. Turns out, this was another one of Rod's secrets behind that look... and many other Blake hair moments. You know that The Shallows press moment when Blake was spotted wearing a yellow Jenny Packham dress (she compared it to Beauty and the Beast's Belle) and toulsed waves? Rod says he created the hair with the big barrel iron. For that Elie Saab sequined dress she wore with Old Hollywood waves? He grabbed the medium barrel. Clearly, it's versatile.

He also tells me that for people that really love her look, an investment of a really good iron is key.

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