Leave It to Beyonce to Bring Back the Flower Crown

The queen's crown.

Beyonce Formation World Tour - Lead 2016
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Flower crowns are often very closely associated with festival season. For example, if you walk into work wearing a headband of blooms, it's likely that you'll quickly be asked what day of Coachella you're headed to. But don't get us wrong—we love 'em. Sometimes, though, they can seem hard to pull off on any given Friday....that's not in Palm Springs...or situated in a field of daisies. However, Beyonce just reminded us that we most definitely should be wearing flower crowns whenever we feel like it.

In Beyonce's Instagram, she's seen fresh faced with a low-maintenance updo accentuated with a (very possibly fresh) flower crown. While we can't bring you the exact flower crown worn by Beyonce, we can give you some next level options courtesy of the Internet.

Pink and White Flower Crown

It's not Beyonce's flower crown (that would probably go for a good 5K on eBay, are we right?), but it's a similar color scheme. Plus, it's pretty thin, delicate, and wraps around twice.

Pink Flower Crown

Try bigger, fuller flowers. Because if you're going to do something, you may as well really commit. The white, pale pink, and green color combination makes it more understated than you'd think.

Crowns by Christy

This flower crown guru makes fresh and faux headpieces made to order. So if you really want to embrace your flower child, you get make sure you're doing so in a completely personalized manner.

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