By Victoria Moorhouse
Jul 20, 2017 @ 12:15 pm
Jon Kopaloff/Getty

The answer to getting thicker hair fast? Since supplements tend to take a few months to really kick into gear, the trick to getting body and fullness without waiting might just be a set of extensions. 

That’s what celebrity hairstylist Chad Wood did to create Ashley Benson’s new summer look. 

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It’s no secret that extensions aren’t just for lengthening your hair. Regardless of the type (tape-in, clip-in, keratin-bonded, etc), they can be used to instantaneously create the appearance of thicker-looking hair, and it’s a method that stylists have used for years and years. 


Wood explained in his caption that the Pretty Little Liars star wanted “less fuss” and “more fullness with length” this summer, so he opted for custom clip-in extensions that added a few inches to her layered lob. 

Want your own set? Talk to your stylist about their favorite brand, how your haircare routine will change, and be sure to consult a pro or your colorist to ensure they're the perfect match for your hair color.