Crimps are involved.
Ariana Grande Grammy Awards - Lead 2016
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Last night Ariana Grande performed a medley of Whitney Houston songs on the season finale of Greatest Hits as a tribute to the late musical icon. Obviously, Ariana's performance was a beautiful and moving tribute, not to mention a great exhibition of her breathtaking range and talent as a singer. But we would be seriously slacking if we didn't also talk about another huge presence during her performance: a major upgrade (or throwback) to Ariana's signature high pony hairstyle. In fact, a bunch of photos popped up on her Instagram of the teeny-tiny singer sporting a redux of her signature pony and it'll make you feel some type of way.

Ariana was on an Instagram spree last night, sharing about nine photos from her prep and performance on Greatest Hits. But we aren't complaining because the throwback version of her signature hairstyle— it involved a scrunchie, but more importantly a blonde, crimped ponytail. If there's anyone that knows how to do a variation of their signature look, it's Ariana Grande.

Since her transition from Nickelodeon star to pop star, we've basically seen Ariana with just one hairstyle—her super long high ponytail. But every once in a while she spices things up by serving up high-pony with a twist. Think a pierced braid down the middle of her head for her birthday, more recently with bangs, and now, with blonde crimped hair (which we may or may not be about to replicate.)