The Hair Milk Refresher Spray from Carol’s Daughter has long been a favorite among curlies.

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Curly Hair Mist
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Every curly girl knows that there’s no pain quite like waking up to a head full of wilted second-day hair.

For those not in the know, day two (or three, or four, or five) hair refers to the time since your last wash. Given that curly hair can’t handle a daily shampoo, those of us with coily locks have had to find creative ways to keep our hair looking fresh and bouncy for longer. As someone with relatively loose, spiraled curls, finding the right products to keep my mane in check has always been a special challenge. I don’t deal with the well-known struggle of major second-day frizz. Rather, my curls begin to lose shape, dry out, and fall flat after a couple days, leaving me straightened roots that inevitably result in the dreaded triangle hair.

Enter the world of curl refresher sprays, the niche market of light, water-based mists that aim to revive curls that have lost their shape. After trying out a few over the course of my hair-aware lifetime, I’ve learned that even the priciest products can’t bring my tresses back to life the way Carol’s Daughter’s $11 Hair Milk Refresher Spray does.

A longtime cult-favorite of curlies everywhere, Carol’s Daughter first skyrocketed to fame when Oprah mentioned the brand on her show back in 2002. It’s since turned into a curly hair empire, counting Jada Pinkett Smith as an investor and offering products for every texture under the sun. The Hair Milk Refresher Spray has been especially successful thanks to its versatility and ease of use — all it takes is a few spritzes around the head to bring dimension back to my curls.

Formulated with agave nectar, wheat protein, and sweet almond oil for a softening, hydrating effect, I can literally watch my hair spring back to life within minutes of applying the Refresher Spray. It’s become my go-to for achieving beautiful, low-maintenance curls that truly don’t look a day old. If you, too, deal with the trials and tribulations of flattened tendrils, consider giving this super-affordable spray a whirl.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Curl Refresher Spray For Curls
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