This Trendy Haircut Adds So Much Volume and Texture to Long Hair

It's easy to see why TikTok loves the butterfly cut.

Butterfly Haircut

The metamorphosis of a green caterpillar into a stunning, colorful butterfly is symbolic of transformation and a fresh start. One of this summer's trending haircuts is just as dramatic, thanks to a ton of layers. The butterfly haircut allows you to switch up your length without actually cutting your hair off.

This cut's layers mimic the insects' delate wings when they flutter. Along with the movement, you're also able to pin up the longer sections of hair to create the illusion of a shorter length.

"The butterfly haircut is two haircuts in one that gives you the option to play with short hair, but without having to commit to cutting all your hair off," says Biolage Celebrity Hairstylist, Sunnie Brook, who originally coined the cut. "It's a very layered haircut on hair below the shoulders that's cut in a way so that the top layer can be separated from the bottom and easily pinned under to look like a short haircut."

What Makes the Butterfly Haircut So Popular?

If you open up your TikTok app and start scrolling, you're bound to come across a take (or two) on the look. The butterfly cut has become extremely popular over the course of summer 2022.

"What makes it special is how versatile it is — just like a butterfly," says Clayton Hawkins, SexyHair Ambassador and Celebrity Hairstylist. "When you wear your hair up, you'll have tons of layers cascading around your face. It looks great bone-straight, blown out, and super bouncy."

The styling options all lean '90s (think Jennifer Anniston's iconic layers and Pamela Anderson's voluminous updos). Given that so many of this year's beauty trends are rooted in nostalgia, it was only a matter of time that along with money-piece highlights and hair gems, this look would make a comeback.

What Hair Types Can Get a Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly cut can be adapted to virtually any hair texture. "This cut works on almost all hair types that are medium to thick density, wavy curly or straight," Brook says. "It's a fun, almost optical illusion, to change up your style and give the appearance of a big change."

If you have wavy or curly hair, Brook recommends getting it cut dry so that the top layer sits at the desired length and doesn't end up too short. "When curly or wavy hair is wet it appears much longer," she says.

As for pin-straight hair, Hawkins recommends adding a set of wispy Pamela Anderson-like bangs to the cut for extra movement.

How Do You Style a Butterfly Haircut?

For straight and wavy hair, Hawkins says to use a root lifting product for extra volume, which is key for enhancing the cut's layers. He's a fan of SexyHair's Root Pump Plus Volumizing Mousse.

Add movement by enhancing your natural texture or adding a slight bend to your strands. "Create a bend or wave in your hair or play with your own natural texture to get the most out of this haircut," Brook suggests.

And to create look look of a shorter cut, simply grab some bobby pins. "Separate the hair at an angle from behind the ears to just past the round of the head (your top layer). Pin the bottom under," she says. "I find it helpful to put this section in a loose ponytail or braid and then pin up, so it hides under the top layers. Flip the top layer to the side or tuck behind one ear." Finish off with Biolage Styling Complete Control Hairspray "to customize the shape with touchable hold."

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Ahead, see our favorite takes on the TikTok-approved butterfly haircut.

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The Original Butterfly Cut

Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Matilda Djerf has become the unofficial spokesperson of the butterfly cut. Here, she pins her bouncy layers back with a butterfly clip.

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Long Flowy Layers

Not to be cliché, but Jennifer Lopez's flowing, face-framing layers are #hairgoals. The placement of the layers are ideal for creating updos and styles that fake a shorter length.

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Butterfly Cut Updo

Pamela Anderson
Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images

Pamela Anderson's signature updo is a prime example of how to pin up a butterfly cut.

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Butterfly Cut With Bangs

For straight hair, adding a set of wispy bangs can add further movement to a butterfly cut. Hairstylist Ester Vasquez shows us how it's done.

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