The bun is about to drop.

Bun - Lead 2016
Credit: Getty

Every once in a while, the Internet brings us something highly confusing yet instantly necessary. If you've ever come across the "Oddly Satisfying" video category on the Instagram explore page, you already know what I mean. Who knew that watching silly putty being folded could take up three hours of our mornings?!

However, the latest video trend taking over good ol' Insta. has been dubbed "bun drops," which we feel is a nod to the fact that the videos feel like whatever the hair version of a mic drop would be, and they have become our go-to for midday meditations.

Before we even try to explain it, check out these bun dropping videos below.

A video posted by Viktorija Jukonytė (@vikituks) on Sep 13, 2016 at 9:31am PDT

Apparently, a ton of Instagram users have hair so long and luscious that Rapunzel would be envious, and they have been posting slow-motion videos of their buns unraveling. Yep, the same thing you do to your topknot after a workout... or that ballerina bun after a dance recital when you were like, six years old. So insanely soothing and mesmerizing, right?

With that we say, if you're sporting super long hair, consider a bun drop video. And if you're not, join us in some serious hair-spectatorship.