It’s a hair-care game changer.

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This $30 Hair Oil Practically Sold Out Overnight, but It's Back in Stock Now
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Having hair is like being in a long-term committed relationship. You love it. Care for it. Fight with it. Try new things (bangs!), and question your choices (bangs?). Most of the time, you find yourself compromising with what it is, and even on days when you want nothing to do with it, you return to it when you’re reminded to love it just as it is, à la Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

This relationship is something I’ve thought about a lot in quarantine. While social distancing alone, I, like so many, am focusing on self-care, and specifically hair care, even more than usual. Some might call it frivolity made for Instagram-friendly memes; I call it a healthy distraction — self-love in the time of corona, if you will.

Just because I’m living in a pandemic doesn’t mean I can’t treat my hair. The opposite, actually: I want to slather it with extra nice things right now. And the nicest thing I’ve been using these days is Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair! Strengthening Treatment Oil.

Before this oil came along, my hair and I weren’t exactly in a good place. I was fussing over it more than usual, worrying about my dry ends and missing my hair appointment while salons remain closed. Briogeo’s new hair oil is a complete game changer: Its formula with ceramides and essential fatty acids has restored my fried ends to a silky-smooth finish, so much so that I was shocked by how great my hair looked the morning after I first tried it. For the first time since quarantine started, I had a good hair day.

It’s brought me the softest and shiniest hair that I’ve ever had, something that I didn’t think I would obtain in normal times — never mind in lockdown — so it’s no wonder Briogeo’s oil was one of the most anticipated beauty releases of April 2020. In fact, when it finally dropped, it sold out almost instantly at Sephora during its most recent Beauty Insider Sale.

Thankfully, Briogeo’s oil came back in stock last week, and more than 26,000 shoppers have already added it to their “Loves” list on Sephora. Reviewers have called it “fabulous” and “liquid gold for damaged hair,” so it’s clear I’m not the only one who’s seeing results. The packaging looks just as luxurious as the oil, too, with a small rose and petals placed in the middle of the bottle.

I fully credit it for getting me and my hair to a stronger place in our relationship than ever before, and trust me, I’ll be getting more when my current bottle runs out.

Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! strengthening treatment oil
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