Braid How-to Fishtail LEAD
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The style exudes laid-back summer cool, looking just as chic with a pair of cut-offs as it does with a little white summer dress. Give it a deep side part, and you’ll up the fresh factor. Start by pulling all your hair to one side, and then give it a twist to help secure any short pieces, says N.Y.C. hairstylist Isabel Guillen of John Barrett Salon. Criss-cross bobby pins at the nape to further secure strands. Next split your tail evenly into two sections; use your finger to separate a small sliver of your hair (less than a half inch) from the outer section and cross it under the segment on the opposite side. Repeat with a small sliver of hair from the outside of the inner section, crossing it under the opposite one. Keep overlapping pieces from both sides of your tail, all the way down to your tips. Fasten at the ends with an elastic. Finish the look by gently tugging at the sides of your braids to create a loose, relaxed vibe.

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