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Credit: Sarah Balch

Imagine merging your crown braid and ponytail – how cute would that style be? With the help of N.Y.C. hairstylist stylist Isabel Guillen (who works at the the John Barrett Salon) we created the look, and it’s actually a cinch to pull off. First dab a bit of Shu Uemura Touch of Gloss ($39; into the palms of your hand and rake them through strands to add shine and hold. Part your hair down the middle to create two equal sections. On one side, grab a small section along the front of your hairline and divide it into three smaller (but equal) pieces. Then begin an inverted French braid (also known as a Dutch braid) by crossing the two outside strands under the middle strand as you go, says Guillen. After you make your first couple of passes, begin adding hair to the outside strands and continue to braid.

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Once you get to the base of your neck, stop, fasten that plait with an elastic, and begin the process on the other side of your head. When you have the tails of both braids at your nape, fasten them together with an elastic. For extra frizz control, you can gloss over the surface with a bit more shine serum.

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Credit: Sarah Balch

Model: Laura Simola

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