Amazon Shoppers Say This Hair Growth Shampoo Gives You the Hair of a 20 Year Old

The “miracle shampoo” is 15 percent off.  

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Shoppers Say This On-Sale Shampoo Reverses Thinning Hair and Regrows Bald Spots
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Whether you suspect you're losing hair because of stress, age, not showering for a few days, postpartum hormones, Covid-19, or all of the above, a shampoo that thickens hair like a magic potion ticks every box on our "need that" list. It doesn't matter if no one's seeing us in real life for days at a time — the feeling of looking at a bountiful head of hair is a mood booster. If you need a little help to get there, Amazon shoppers say it doesn't get easier or more effective than BosleyMD's BosRevive Nourishing Shampoo.

According to one person who's been using the product for one and a half years to great success, the trick is to scrub your scalp well with the shampoo — the motion stimulation works in tandem with the shampoo's star ingredients. Pumpkin seed extract and saw palmetto blocks DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss, while the brand says that rosemary extract's antioxidants help reduce scalp inflammation and increase growth-boosting circulation.

In the short run, the formula's sulfate, paraben, and phthalate-free formula uses soy amino acids and vegetable-derived protein to ante up your hair's strength, thickness, and volume. It's so soothing that shoppers say it has the unexpected benefit of clearing up scalp eczema, along with noticeably decreasing the amount of hair that they're losing. Some say the shampoo and conditioner even filled in bald spots, leaving hair full of volume.

BosleyMD Nourishing Shampoo, Hair Care for Thinning Prevention or Visible Hair Loss

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"I noticed the change in my hair immediately. I have fine curly hair, and was losing it with every shower," one reviewer writes. After adopting the shampoo into their routine, they noticed a "significant drop in loss of hair to none, and the volume is unreal." Moreover, one person recovering from hair loss induced by chemo and radiation treatments writes that it's sped up the return of their hair.

Others share their bliss, calling it the "most amazing shampoo I've ever used" for the way it adds growth and thickens. They say they've recommended it to at least 15 friends, adding, "As you get older your hair begins to thin out, and this shampoo makes you have a head of hair of a 20 year old. It's a miracle shampoo and conditioner." Even those losing "big globs" of hair say the Bosley shampoo has helped their hair grow back, as others agree that it's the "only product that has ever worked to thicken my hair and stop my hair loss."

On top of calling in a cease and desist to shedding, happy customers write that repeated use sees their hair growing faster, the slight tingling sensation acting as a noticeable indicator of good things to come. Even if your hair typically grows more in line with turtle than hare (pun not intended), one shopper in a similar boat writes that using the shampoo once every two weeks gave her one to two and a half inches of growth in a month. If you're likewise plateaued, that number is bonkers.

As a shampoo, it also goes above and beyond, leaving hair full, healthy, and shiny. In all honesty, it doesn't sound like there's a downside — and since the shampoo is currently 15 percent off on Amazon, that goes double. If nothing else, measuring your hair for growth is one way to pass the quarantine days. Productivity quota: Hair, take the wheel.

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