Why You Need to Get a Bob Right Now

Photo: Kyleen James

As the associate art director at InStyle, I see red carpet beauty inspiration on the daily. And for months now I’ve been thinking that my 20-inch-long brunette strands needed a major refresh. How did I know? Because every time I would go to style it, my hair would just never hang quite right and I’d end up tossing it into a bun. So after designing our “Bob Squad” story for InStyle’s June issue, I decided to take a cue from Bella Hadid, Olivia Culpo, and Selena Gomez, and hit the chopping block.

Bob Transformation Embed 1

I went to see hairstylist Michael Sparks, who co-owns Cie Sparks salon in Los Angeles with his wife, the colorist Heather Cie. The first thing he did was take my thick hair into his own hands to feel its grit and texture. He decided on a length that grazed my shoulders and barely hit my collarbone. "Any shorter and your thick hair will widen in a triangle shape,” he said. Sparks cut my hair completely straight in the back (using a buzzer to do so), and then went back with a pair of sheers to strategically layer and get rid of some weight. After a quick wave with a hot iron the resulting bob looked modern and fresh (and not unlike Olivia Culpo's!).

Bob Transformation Embed 2

If you’re thinking about joining the bob squad, Sparks recommends having a bottle of salt spray on hand. If you have thicker hair like me, you want a formula that goes on wet, which will “help weigh it down.” If you have fine hair, consider “drier” texturizers, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($22, nordstrom.com).

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Apply the wet formula to damp hair then dry and style with an iron. Apply the dry formula to hair that's already been blown out or waved. Then tousle to your liking.

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