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Good to Go: R+Co Two Way Mirror
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Good to Go is our new column where we share the beauty products we can't travel without. This month, why R+Co's Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil is the perfect pre- and post-flight pick-me-up for my blowouts. 

I love having curly hair, but I'd be lying if I said it was low maintenance. Wash days for me literally take up the entire day — from the actual wash, to detangling in the shower, deep conditioning for hours, finger coiling my curls, then waiting for it to dry.

I'm sure this whole process may seem daunting to anyone who doesn't have natural hair, but I usually don't mind my lengthy routine, so long as I'm at home. That said, I typically opt for braids when I travel, which makes getting ready a breeze. But with my tight schedule this month, I didn't have any time to book an appointment with my usual braider. Instead, I decided to get a blowout prior to heading out to Marrakesh on a work trip. I figured if I was ever in a rush, I could always just throw my straightened hair into a quick bun or ponytail as I toured around the gorgeous city — the only problem was that my blowout was a bit of disaster.

I'll spare you most of the jarring details, but essentially, the salon I went to wasn't equipped to work with Black hair (tale as old as time), despite claiming its staff was fully trained to work with all hair types. From using products that were drying for type 4 hair, to yanking and pulling on each section, the stylist's blowdry technique left me with stiff, frizzy, dull-looking hair — akin to the Cynthia doll from Rugrats. 

Obviously I was pissed, but I didn't have time to sit there and whine about my experience. I was flying out the next day, so I needed to go over my hair with my flat iron on my own as soon as I got home. But seeing as most of the oils in my bathroom at home would require me to use them on damp hair, I was on the hunt for something that wouldn't make me have to start from square one.

I searched through the mailers on my desk to see if I could find any products that could give my hair a boost of moisture, while not weighing it down, and could also calm frizz. So when I stumbled upon R+Co's Smoothing Oil, which claimed to do all three, I decided to give it a shot.

Once I got home, I called up one of my girlfriends and put her on speaker as I sectioned out my hair and heated up my styling tools. In the meantime, I pumped five shots of the oil onto my hands, rubbed my palms together, then spread it from root to tip. And let me tell you, my hair smelled amazing. 

With the first run of my flat iron, my hair instantly lost the stiffness and was left looking bouncy, soft, smooth, and not at all greasy. By the time I finished, I was whipping my hair around and yelling "Woo!" on the phone with my friend, because my hair just looked that good. And it stayed that way, even after a 10-hour flight.

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What makes this product work so well is vitamin E, an ultra-moisturizing antioxidant that helps to fight damage from free radicals, along with emollients like bixa orellana and moringa seed oil, which soften the hair and add shine, respectively.

Of course, I brought this TSA-friendly product along with me for any touch-ups during my trip, and it continued to work like a charm for the four days I was in Morocco (and a few extra days once I got back home), all without giving my hair the weighed down, greasy feeling many oils can leave behind.

With my horrific experience at the salon, I must say, it was extremely refreshing to try out a product that claims to work across all hair types, and can actually deliver. So the next time I leave town with my hair blown out, I'll absolutely be bringing my R+Co Smoothing Oil along for the ride. It's earned the right to become a staple in my carry-on bag.

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