These Brushes Are the Key to the Perfect DIY Blowout

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Mastering the at-home blowout can be a tricky game. Once you have the wrist motions down, you have to master your setting technique, and even when all seems to go according to plan, there's always that one section that gets left behind and ends up losing its texture as soon as you walk outside. Luckily, your search for a shortcut in the process ends here. Enter the Click n Curl round brushes, which just might be the one hair tool that changes your life—or at the very least, your blowout method.

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The Click n Curl set comes equipped with one round brush, and four additional barrels that you can swap out as you make your way through each section of hair. Part your hair into workable areas as you normally would, then use the round brush to blow one portion smooth. Once it's completely dry, wind the layer around the barrel of the brush, either directing the curl inward or outward, give it one more blast with the dryer, then press the button on the handle to detach the brush head. Clip it in place to set, then pop a new brush head on to repeat the motions on a following section. The four included barrels can get the job done if you swap out some of the already-cooled sections as you work across your head, or you can get additional brush heads in varying sizes to add some extra dimension. Pick up a set now for $40 at

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