The "Bixie" Is a New Take on the Most Controversial Haircut of the '90s

Ready for the big chop?

Think of any of your favorite '90s icons and we bet that they had a bixie haircut (aka a blend of a bob and a pixie) at one point or another. Back in the day, the bixie made headlines for challenging the stance that only a long and flowing mane could be considered beautiful. So when someone, say, a celeb like Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, or Wynona Ryder, got the cut, others took notice — and followed suit. Lately, celebs and their stylists have taken a newfound interest in this throwback style, making it the season's must-have haircut.

Ahead, learn more about a bixie haircut, including what to consider before getting one, how to style the look, and what makes the modern version different from its '90s predecessor.

What Is a Bixie Haircut?

Person with a bixie wearing an all-white outfit
Matthew Reyes/Unsplash

"The bixie haircut is ultimately a look that combines elements of the pixie and elements of the bob," says Yureesh, a professional hairstylist, global director of development at Pureology, and owner and CEO of YureeshStyle. Because the bixie combines elements of two classic haircuts, it's a versatile look that can be tailored to a client's needs, he comments.

"The idea is similar to the popular lob haircut," adds Justin Toves-Vincilione, fellow hairstylist and advocate for the Authentic Beauty Concept. "This cut is the perfect storm because you get the edge of a pixie without sacrificing the face frame and fringe of a textured bob."

How the Bixie Has Evolved

"From what I've seen, the bixie has been popular for a while and will remain so," says Yureesh. "The difference lies in our current style aesthetic." Nowadays, we're seeing the beauty industry embrace inclusivity and diversity, and that extends to hair. According to Yureesh, today's bixie haircut is more customizable to suit all different hair types and textures, unlike in the past when it was mostly seen on straight hair. Vincilione agrees, "The haircut looks and feels the same, but it makes a stronger statement with polished styling, shine, healthy color, and a modern play on texture.

What to Consider Before Getting a Bixie

Contrary to popular belief, almost anyone can pull off short hair — bixies included. However, as with any haircut, you'll want to consider the level of maintenance a bixie requires to determine whether it's right for you. "Styling is the most important commitment when going short," says Vincilione. "Consult with your hairstylist on length, haircare, and styling so you can both come up with a customized plan for maintaining the look." In general, a bixie haircut is best for those who would like something shorter than a bob but aren't ready to commit to a pixie haircut, adds Yureesh.

Something else to keep in mind? Your face shape. Depending on whether your face is round-, diamond-, heart-shaped, etc., your stylist will decide to go with certain lengths and layers over others in order to best complement and flatter your particular face shape.

How to Style a Bixie

A bixie is all about having fun and experimenting. "Capitalize on your natural texture, or you can wear it sleek," says Yureesh. The good news is there is no right or wrong way to style this cut. Whether you use hot tools, spritz on a texturizing spray, or embrace your natural hair texture, it's all about customizing and making the bixie your own.

Our Favorite Bixies

Florence Pugh goes heavy on the hair trends with a wet-look rendition of a bixie. The layers add some movement — not to mention, edginess — to her straight strands.

If you're looking to embrace your natural hair, consider doing so with a bixie. Gabrielle Union's take on the hybrid haircut is both low-maintenance and lovely.

Rowan Blanchard gives off "Shirley temper" vibes with her modern-day iteration of the classic curly crop. By opting for loose, volumized curls over perfect ringlets, her bixie feels stylish sans effort.

Short-haired muse Úrsula Corberó wears her bixie with a set of choppy bangs. It's heavy on the layers, which pushes it into mullet territory, but the soft texture helps to achieve a balanced look.

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