The 12 Best Summer Haircuts For Women

Summer Haircuts for Women
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As the weather heats up, you might be feeling the urge to give your hair a seasonal cut. But knowing what summer haircut to pick for yourself can be tricky — if you don't know whether you should go bold and chop it all off, or keep your locks long and luscious and add in a few layers, you're not alone.

But don't fret if this is you, we've got you covered with a list of women's summer haircuts you'll be dying to get.

Here, we spoke with celebrity hairstylist, groomer to the stars, and founder of Contents Haircare Cheryl Bergamy and Chiran Hayasaka, FEKKAI SoHo, NY Stylist, to find out which cuts they love this year, and why they're perfect for this summer.

Scroll on to find the perfect summer haircut.

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Asymmetric Bob

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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"An asymmetric cut adds a mystique, sexy, and chic look whether it's a bob or lob," says Bergamy. "This style has such an ageless look. By cutting the hair directly on the shoulders delivers a perfectly soft look and frames the jawline allowing to show off your best feature." Bergamy adds that taking that weight off your shoulders also emphasizes the structure of your face and neck, which, as long as you're vaccinated, will be on full display now.

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Baby Layers

Whether your hair is short, long, thick, thin, curly or straight, Hayasaka says layering the front of your hair is a great way to frame the face and add texture.

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Wavy Pixie

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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Bergamy predicts that a textured pixie cut like actress Ruth Negga's here is going to be the "it" cut of the summer. "A pixie is a sassy look that is light and gives a youthful look," she tells us. "Adding texture gives a whole new dimension to this already sexy cut."

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Hourglass Cut

The hourglass cut is a look that evokes effortless style as the layers give body, definition and shape. "This look is good for summer because it does well in humidity," says Hayasaka. "The flipped out curls hold well in the heat so the hair doesn't get too frizzy or out of control."

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Middle-Part Bob

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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Try a middle part bob for a classic yet modernized look. Bergamy suggests using a thickener, as well as asking your stylist "for a light layer or adding texture to the ends" for a more voluminous look.

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Curly Layers

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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Now is the time to embrace that au natural look, says Bergamy. In the time of the quarantine, more folks embraced their natural hair, so why not rock your curls as we re-enter society? "Wearing your natural texture is not only the favorite trend, but it's moving toward healthier hair which never goes out of style." Add layers to your curls for a face framing look with shape.

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Pixie With Bangs

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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If you're looking to go short but not too short, a pixie with bangs is the perfect way to achieve face-framing short 'do. "Bangs with a pixie is amazing and will add dramatic flare," says Bergamy.

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The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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A long bob, aka "lob" cut is the perfect length for the summer if you don't want to go full on chop, but want to opt for a shorter cut than you're used to. "Whether it's a bob or lob, bobs have such an ageless look," says Bergamy.

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Undone Collarbone Bob

If haven't got time to hassle with your hair in the heat, and want a style where you can pretty much just wash-and-go, this is perfect. "This is a low maintenance cut," says Hayasaka, "You can wash it, put in a leave-in cream like FEKKAI Baby Blonde Air Dry Creme, and head out!"

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Curly Bangs

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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Bangs have been a hot topic since the beginning of time, but if you were ever going to go big or go home now is the time (considering we've already "gone home" for the last year). So, go for the bangs, especially if you're sporting curls this summer. "It [is] all about embracing your texture this summer," says Bergamy. "Textured bangs frame the face and give a voluminous, sophisticated look."

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The Shag

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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This has been a celebrity-favorite hair trend — just look at Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish. Jagged and shaggy layers will give you that rock and roll vibe that will perfectly compliment every party look this summer. For a specific cut like this, Bergamy suggests taking a photo to your hairstylist. "The stylist then can see if this specific style goes with your face shape [and] can create a variation of the style to best suit you," she says.

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Face-Framing Layers

The 9 Best Summer Haircuts
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This classic cut is actually perfect for summer. Shorter layers around your face will accentuate your features and keep long hair our of your face on hot summer days. It's a win-win.

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