The 8 Best Short Haircuts for Every Face Shape

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If you've had long hair your whole life, cutting it all off can be terrifying. What makes going short a little less scary, though, is having a guarantee that whatever haircut you choose will look good at the end of the salon appointment. That's where consulting your face shape comes in.

Whether it's heart-shaped, oval, round, or square, stylists can consider your face shape to create a personalized, flattering haircut.

We spoke with Glamsquad artistic director, Giovanni Vaccaro and celebrity hairstylist and founder of Contents Haircare Cheryl Bergamy to find out the best short haircuts for women and which face shapes they flatter. Plus, how to make them work for your face shape. After all, giving you flattering hair is their job.

"We want to give our client what they want what but also give them what they need and what works and look great," Bergamy tells us.

Keep scrolling to see these hairstylists' favorite short haircuts and how you can make them work on your face shape.

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Buzz Cut

Tiffany Haddish with a short buzz cut hairstyle
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If you're looking for a big change and a bold look, a daring buzz is the way to go. Bergamy says that oval and round shaped faces work the best for a style like this. Comedian Tiffany Haddish's buzz looks chic and sophisticated on her oval face shape.

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Blunt Bob

Dua Lipa in a blunt bob with a middle part hairstyle
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Bergamy tells us that a bob cut is a universally flattering cut, meaning it pretty much works on any face shape. If you're looking for any edgier look, go with Dua Lipa's blunt bob complete with a center part.

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Layered Bob

Olivia Wilde with a blonde layered bob hairstyle
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If you want to try a bob but are looking for something a little softer than the blunt bob, try a layered bob — this cut in particular works really well on square-shaped faces says Vaccaro. "Adding softness is key for those with square-shaped faces," he recommends. "I love creating texture with a razor to give airiness to the ends. Steer clear of a length that hits at the jawline; aim to have your bob fall an inch or two below." Look to celebrities like Olivia Wilde for inspiration. Finally, when styling your hair, he recommends adding volume at the root or going for an oval-shaped hairstyle, rather than sleek and straight.

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Long Bob

Chrissy Teigen with a wavy long bob hairstyle
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If you want to go short but not too short, a long bob, otherwise known as a "lob," can also be extremely flattering. If you have a round face shape, like Chrissy Teigen, a layered lob is the perfect choice. Vaccaro says that is because of the softer nature of the cut. "For ladies with round faces, I suggest avoiding short, blunt bangs, and instead opting for soft, longer bangs," Vaccaro says. "Volume in the right places is essential. You don't want a haircut that gives you volume at the jawline. Volume needs to be at the crown of the head."

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Zendaya with a honey blonde short hair and bangs hairstyle
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Bangs and short hair do go together, just ask Zendaya. Bergamy says that square, oval, and round face shapes look best with bangs. But yes, bangs can really work on any face shape. "[There are] so many bangs to choose from, and they all can be altered slightly to work best for your face shape," says Bergamy. "You can definitely alter by doing a feather or side bang if you have an oblong or pear face shape or a blunt textured bang."

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Zoe Kravitz with a short pixie cut hairstyle

If you have an oval or round face shape, you should go ahead and ask for the pixie of your dreams. And if you don't, fear not. You can still most certainly rock a pixie. Bergamy says your hairstylist can alter the cut to be more flattering to your face shape by adding bangs or layers. We love Zoë Kravitz's short cut because she styles it so many different ways.

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Long Pixie

Jada Pinkett Smith with a long pinxie cut hairstyle
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If you want a pixie but desire a longer cut to increase versatility, look to Jada Pinkett Smith. "I love a modern pixie or a haircut that allows you to slick it back," Vaccaro tells us. "Think short layers with a softer fringe or pixie paired with a deep side part." A cut like this will allow you to spike it up, slick it back, or opt for deep side part with bangs. The possibilities are endless!

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Short Fringe

Kerry Washington in a long bob with side bangs hairstyle and beachy waves
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Those with a heart-shaped face like Kerry Washington should consider fringe. "Long, side-swept bangs are great to add definition to cheekbones and flatter a heart-shaped face," Vaccaro says. "I love a shoulder-length cut with pixie bangs." Don't have a heart-shaped face? No worries, Bergamy recommends asking your stylist to alter the cut to fit your features. "A great hairstylist would know when to tweak a hairstyle to make it more flattering and also explain to the client why they are adjusting certain parts of the hairstyle that they chose," she tells us.

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