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Lauren Conrad Beach Waves
Credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images

Let's talk a little bit about celebrity stylist Kristin Ess. She's the mastermind behind most of Lucy Hale's glorious lob moments, and she's the one who gave Lauren Conrad the cut that's easily about to be the most popular hairstyle of 2018. She's also not against sharing her glam squad secrets with the world—and at a more than accessible price—because she launched a self-named haircare collection at Target. And now, with the invention of the Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray, she's changing everything you know about beachy waves.

Since the brand's initial debut, she's slowly built the product lineup with staples like purple shampoo, moisturizing conditioners, and more, as well as styling innovations. Her latest drop, though, will prove to be one of the most game-changing product for anyone who is dreaming of mastering beachy waves at home.

Consider Kristin Ess Sea Salt Air Dry Spray ($10; target.com) one of the best sea salt sprays on the market, and one that solves any issues you had with the product category leaving behind a dry, crunchy texture you can't run your fingers through. Unlike many other formulas' pure liquid consistency, this sea salt spray is truly a spray, leaving the bottle in a super fine, light mist, similar to texture spray or hairspray. It's also designed to be used on damp hair, not the finishing step on hair that's already been curled.

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Specifically made for air drying, the flexible formula is meant to enhance your air-dried texture as a dip in the ocean would. So if you have a subtle wave naturally, this mist will make it all the more prominent. All you have to do is spritz the formula through the lengths of damp hair and scrunch with your fingers. The result? Effortless movement and texture that rivals the look you'd get after a day at the beach.