Using a scalp massager isn't just for relaxing.

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Why Are Scalp Massagers Everywhere Right Now?
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The best part of getting your haircut or color isn't the new look you walk out of the salon with, but the scalp massage your hairstylist gives you while they're shampooing your hair.

While a scalp massage is undeniably relaxing, the moment of zen actually benefits your hair, too.

"Any kind of scalp stimulation, be it from a scalp scrub or a massage, will encourage blood circulation and increase nutrient intake for follicles," says Shab Reslan, HairClub's hair expert and trichologist.

At home, a scalp massager can get the job done, especially on those hard-to-reach areas of the head. Reslan says that as long as a massager is used gently, it'll be more beneficial than using your fingertips. Whats more, a massager can be used on dry hair or in the shower with your favorite shampoo or hair treatments.

That being said, the best time to use a scalp massager is in the shower right after you've shampooed or conditioned your hair, and it's safe to give yourself one daily, albeit gently.

"The two best methods of using a scalp massager can be right after you apply your shampoo — if you want a deeper, more effective clean, or following your conditioner application so you can relax and allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair cuticle in the meantime," explains Reslan.

While your scalp will feel cleaner and and clearer immediately following a massage session, you'll have to wait a few months to experience the full effects of the practice.

"Long-term benefits after at least four months of consistent use of a scalp massager will result in stronger hair growth, a healthier scalp environment, and protection against any weakening of your follicles," says Reslan.

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On top of promoting a healthier scalp and the ideal conditions for hair growth, regular massages can also help your haircare products work better.

"A scalp massager can increase benefits of any hair product by either helping a cleanser clean even deeper, or allow a topical to penetrate the scalp more effectively, Reslan shares. "If you use a scalp topical after washing your hair, you can apply it first then follow with the massager to ensure the best penetration and coverage."

Now that you have the complete breakdown on why your your scalp can benefit from regular massages, shop our favorites below.

The 5 Best Scalp Massagers to Stock in Your Shower

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush 

Best Scalp Massagers
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With over 5,000 five star reviews, this vibrating massager is a fail-proof option to keep in your shower. It has two settings so you can choose how intense of a massage you want, plus the flexible bristles ensure every hair follicle gets stimulated.

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Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Scalp Massager

Best Scalp Massagers
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This massager can be used on a dry scalp or in the shower with your go-to shampoo or hair treatment such as an oil. The soft bristles are designed to be both relaxing and stimulating for the scalp, which can create the optimal condition for hair growth.

To shop: $18;

Leonor Greyl Massaging Scalp Brush

Best Scalp Massagers
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Leonor Greyl's massaging brush helps shampoo lather and distribute across the entire scalp while simultaneously removing product buildup and dandruff.

To shop: $28;

Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Best Scalp Massagers
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This scalp massager from cult-favorite haircare brand Briogeo is easy to hold in the palm of your hand and can be hung up in your shower, which will prevent it from getting grimy.

To shop: $16;

FEKKAI Scalp Massager

Best Scalp Massagers
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If you're looking for a little moment of relaxation (because who isn't in 2020?), give yourself a scalp massage on wash day with FEKKAI's massager made from recycled plastic and silicone. The bristles are crafted to gentle cleanse the scalp of residue while boosting circulation for a healthier scalp.

To shop: $15;

Ceremonia Scalp Masajeador

Best Scalp Massagers
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On top of exfoliating the scalp and boosting circulation, this massager helps distribute the hair's natural oils for extra shine.

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