This Purple Hair Mask Gets Rid of Brassiness Instantly

Purple Hair Dye
Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

"It looks so good! You’re going to need A LOT of purple shampoo." That’s the text I received from my friend immediately after sending her a picture of my newly bleached, icy blonde hair. She was right. A natural brunette, my honey highlights or blonde balyage have always been prone to turning brassy within a few weeks. Now that I was officially a blonde? The battle began the minute I walked out of my 6+ hour salon appointment.

Purple shampoo wasn’t going to cut it, though. For starters, I was specifically told to cut down my washes in order to maintain the hue and my hair's integrity. I needed something heavy duty that I could use once or twice a week to fight off the rusty metal color from attaching to my strands.

Anytime I need any sort of major hair TLC, I reach for a mask, and this situation was no different. Matrix’s Brass Off Custom Neutralization Mask ($15; is a highly pigmented dark purple formula that’s meant to counteract and neutralize any brass hue that’s taken up residence on your hair. And while it’s color-correcting, it’s also infusing nourishing oil into your hair.

Brass Off Mask

After I shampoo, I apply a quarter-size amount from roots to tips and let it sit for about seven minutes before rinsing out and conditioning. How long you leave it on depends on how much brass you have to tackle—the suggested minimum is about five minutes. I try to be as neat as I can when I apply it so that I don’t temporarily dye my floor tiles and shower curtain purple. If that doesn’t give you an idea of how pigmented it is, I left it on way too long the first time I used it and my scalp turned purple. (It washed out, so no harm, no foul.)

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While I’m blow-drying, I’m consistently shocked at how all the brass has instantly evaporated, leaving only the cool icy blonde hue behind. With continued use (about once a week), I’ve watched my hair return to the same color it was the day I left the salon. It’s like a magic eraser for brass.

I’m a low-maintenance beauty girl, and taking care of blonde hair is anything but that. Thankfully, this purple tube has evened the playing field.

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