How to Find the Right Eyebrow Color for Your Hair

Dua Lipa with black hair and dark brows
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Choosing a new hair color is serious business. It's a journey that starts way before you sit down in your colorist's chair. Scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, creating a Pinterest board for each possible shade, and reading up on what colors work well with your skin tone are all crucial steps leading up to your salon appointment.

When you're so focused on switching up your hair color, it's easy to overlook your eyebrows, but it's equally important that the shade of your brows also compliments your new dye job.

"Your hair on your face and around your face should frame and enhance your natural beauty," says Christine Thompson, co-owner and color director at Spoke & Weal. "Getting the tones and level right are essential to translating your look, whether it's soft or strong."

Amy Clark of Rob Peetoom Salon New York says to make sure the shade of your brows compliments the tones in your hair color. "My general rule would be to keep it as close to the shade of your hair as best as possible, or one shade darker," she says. Going too dark can look severe.

And if you have virgin hair, but want to fill in your brows. This advice goes for makeup products, too. Daniel Chinchilla, celebrity makeup artist and owner of Chinchilla Brows recommends brow powder for a soft, natural look, and a pencil if you're going for definition.

So, what color is right for you? Keep scrolling for a complete breakdown on the best eyebrow shade for your hair.

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Red Hair

Kate Bosworth with coppery red hair and light brown brows with copper undertone
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If you're a redhead, go for warmth that's close, but not an exact match to your hair color. The exception: If you're a coppery redhead like Kate Bosworth, Thompson recommends a light brown brow that has a little bit of a copper undertone to it.

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Platinum Blonde Hair

Gwen Stefani with light ash blonde brows and platinum blonde hair
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A light ash blonde brow like Gwen Stefani's is the most natural shade for platinum blondes.

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Warm Blonde Hair

Sophie Turner with warm blonde hair and light brown brows
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

For warm blondes like Sophie Turner, choose a light brown shade that has the same warm undertones to it as your hair.

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Warm Brunette Hair

Jessica Alba with warm brown hair and full brows
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Keep your overall look soft by coloring your brows the same warm brunette shade that's on your head. Take Jessica Alba's full brows as a prime example of how to coordinate the two shades.

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Dark Brunette Hair

Dua Lipa with black hair and dark brows
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"Keep your brows dark, but not too black or over-shadowed in," says Clark. That is, unless you want a strong look.

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Black Hair

Kerry Washington with long black braids and dark neutral brows
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"Black on black works, but if you are looking to soften your brow or you have a very strong shape, go with dark neutral or cool brown," says Thompson. "This softens the face."

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Gray Hair

Helen Mirren with grey hair and ash-toned brows
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Gray hair looks amazing with cool ash-toned brows that are a shade or two darker than what's on your head.

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