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Justine Marjan Hair Accessories
Credit: Getty Images

When I was around six or seven, I used to make my mom tie a satin ribbon in my hair so I could look like Matilda. When the '90s rolled around, I owned an embarrassing amount of butterfly clips. I particularly liked the ones that had wings that flapped when you walked. And around 2007, I was a huge proponent of headbands, despite the migraines they brought me. Simply put, I love hair accessories, so when barrettes started popping up all over Instagram, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

That means I bought a few statement clips and collected a couple cute hair accessory samples from work, and then let them sit on the top of my dresser collecting dust. When it came time to actually style my hair with the barrettes, I had no idea what to do.

So, I turned to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan (who actually has her own hair accessory line with Kitsch) for the answer. Her suggestion? Flat-ironed waves.

Just like the name implies, Marjan creates the wavy hairstyle with ghd platinum+ festival styler instead of a traditional curling iron. The look adds an undone, relaxed element to the hairstyle, balancing out the hair accessories.

Actually creating flat-ironed waves yourself can be a little confusing, so we had Marjan break it down. You can also take a look at the time-lapsed video, above.

The first step? Create texture in the hair by evenly spraying TRESemmé Micro Mist Level 1 Hairspray all over. Then, Marjan says to take horizontal 1-inch sections and use the ghd platinum+ festival styler to create a bend in the hair.

"I rotate my wrist in different directions, and rotate the direction that I'm pointing the styler, so that makes a natural-looking wave pattern," she says.

You continue this technique all the way down each 1-inch section.

The last step is placing the hair accessories. For this look, she twisted two sections back and secured with the Kitsch x Justine Marjan Medium Snap Clips.

Everything looks easier when you watch a stylist do it, so since our meet-and-greet with Marjan, I've attempted the look myself. The hardest part is creating a wave pattern that looks natural and not like you've crimped your hair, but on my third attempt, I was finally proud with my results.

Be sure to check out Justine Marjan's Instagram for more hair accessory ideas.