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I know it's ridiculous, but I also know that I’m not the only woman in the world to admit that, sometimes, I look into my closet and feel as if I have "literally nothing to wear."

Firstly, it’s not true. I have plenty of clothes — probably too many — and now that I think about it, I should do some spring cleaning. I also usually make this statement after my room looks like my closet has vomited all over it— clothes everywhere: on lamps, covering the entirety of my bed and my floor. OK, now I'm embarrassed.

Victoria Bangs
Credit: Elysia Berman

A few months ago, I was feeling the whole "I hate all my clothes" thing bad. Like, really bad. But then I got bangs.

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but a haircut made me completely rethink every single thing in my closet.

Before the fringe, I was wearing my hair extremely long with subtle layers and highlights. It's been a look I've worn for years and still to this day love. I was in a salon chair for a simple trim when the concept of bangs came up. I've wanted them for a bit but was nervous if they would flatter my face shape. After a stylist convinced me that they would look good and showed me about 25 celebrity pictures that proved the versatility (and honestly, trendiness) of bangs, I was in.

Victoria Bangs
Credit: Elysia Berman

The big chop happened and my stylist's wisdom rang true. I was in hair glory.

But the big shocker came when I got dressed the next morning. I slipped on my black ripped Frame skinny jeans and a black button-up tunic — an outfit I wear at least once a week — and looked in the mirror. "Wait, um, has this outfit always looked this cute?" The outfit finally had the accessory it was always missing, and I didn’t even have to play around with 4 necklaces, 3 bangles, and 2 cocktail rings before finally giving up.

The bangs — that’s all the clothes needed.

I kept this concept at the top of my mind as I got dressed each morning. That A-line white skirt looked chic as hell. My black perforated leather jacket looked way cooler than I thought it ever did before.

I started getting braver with my clothing choices, too. Patterned culottes and a patterned crop top? Sure, those things can go together! Crazy inexpensive yellow leather jacket in the Zara window? Why not? You can come home with me.

Victoria Bangs
Credit: Elysia Berman

I began to enjoy getting dressed in the morning, and styling my hair was something I started to look forward to.

And while I always experiment with my makeup, getting this cut was a pleasant reminder of the power of a good hair day and also that your hairstyle truly is an accessory.

So have I had any "I hate all my clothes" days since the cut? Obviously. But I have to say, they haven’t been all that frequent. I know I'll get to a point again where I start to feel kinda "eh" about my ripped jeans, but maybe instead of throwing a tantrum, I’ll call up the nearest salon.