Ferrari Hairdryer Lead
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Whether you need to have every aspect of your life somewhat related to cars, or are into cutting down on your blow-drying time, BaByliss has the answer to both issues in its Rapido hairdryer. Equipped with a Ferrari engine in the nozzle, it's pretty much the cheapest and most compact version of the luxury car on the market. We're certainly not expecting it to make a cameo in the upcoming Fast and the Furious installment, though it sort of takes that approach when crafting a sleek blowout in a fraction of the time you'd usually spend juggling a round brush.

Ferrari Hairdryer Embed
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Thanks to the Ferrari-designed engine, the tool has an increased airflow, so your hair will dry at a faster rate, and it has a longer lifespan than other counterparts since the motor has been engineered to exclude parts that wear out over time. The ion generator packed inside also helps to reduce frizz and seal up your cuticle, so the health of your hair isn't compromised—and neither is your hearing. Since the noise-reducing filter takes the sound level to a lower decibel, your Spotify playlist will go uninterrupted.

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