Love it now more than ever. 
Anne Hathaway LEAD
Credit: Michael Tran/Getty

Anne Hathaway happens to star in one of my favorite movie makeover scenes. You know, when Paolo the stylist from Princess Diaries goes through a series of hairstyles before they finally settle on the straight and sleek look for sweet Mia, complete with layers any tween in the early aughts would freak out over. With that being said, I love to follow Anne Hathaway’s hair transformations and red carpet looks. Her pixie? Stunning. That other time she had blunt bangs? Ugh, soooooo good.

All this reminiscing brings me to her latest ‘do worth talking about—Anne’s half bun moment at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The trend made major waves last summer and it hasn’t slowed down since. However, this is the first time I’ve seen Anne rock at a major event. And boy, did she make. it. work.

The half knot was created by celebrity stylist Anh Co Tran, who was inspired to create an “undone romance” style that paired well with her botanical Rodarte dress. "Though the style was deconstructed, every strand had to look vibrant, lustrous, and weightless for the look to work. To accent the modern romantic theme, I added a small top knot for a whimsical touch," said Tran.

Getting the look is totally doable at-home, too. In fact, you probably already wear it, but Anh Co Tran’s tutorial will help you get the shiny-looking strands Anne is known for.

To begin, apply the flow zeroFRICTION Detangling Treatment to damp hair—this helps fight against frizz—and then follow up with the flow radiantARMOR Heat Protect Spray to boost the sheen.

Next, apply a pea-sized amount of flow Boundless Body Plumping Lotion at the roots for volume, following with flow Touchable Texture Design Cream from mid-shaft to ends for hold. Then, rough dry until your locks are about 80 percent dry.

The key to amping up the body is to hold the roots up with your fingers while rough drying. To create smoothness at the ends, you’ll want to dry with a round brush.

Next, take a one-inch curling iron, create curls, and then break 'em with your fingers and a bit of flow Touchable Texture Design Cream.

Finally, section off the top portion of your hair and secure it in a topknot with bobby pins. Complete the style by spritzing with some hairspray for hold.

Yeah, you can bet tomorrow we’ll be wearing a Hollywood half knot.