11 Natural Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

Natural Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day
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Time seems to be flying by, your wedding is a few months away and you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed. And if you're a bride with natural hair, I'm sure you've already started searching the internet and frantically Googling things like, "styling natural hair for wedding."

Stop, and take a deep breath! We get it — especially when it comes to hair and makeup. It's only normal that you want your makeup to look flawless and your hair to be on-point.

So, how do you achieve that stellar look? According to celebrity hairstylist and author, Monee Everett, your wedding day is the day where you should jazz up your natural hair — you know, do something a little different from your ordinary twist out, or your french plaits. "I rarely recommend brides to keep their regular day-to-day styles because they aren't wearing their regular day to day clothes," says the stylist. "A formal gown and formal headpiece calls for a large elaborate style — nothing says elegance like a beautiful elaborate natural hairstyle. A wedding is one of the times in life that your hairstyle should project formal elegance."

If you're contemplating trying a new natural hairstyle for your big day but don't know where to begin, don't worry, we've got you covered. We asked Everett and celebrity hairstylist and natural hair expert, Kemi Lewis, to share some of their favorite wedding day hairstyles for natural hair brides. Scroll on for some inspiration.

This is All Natural. From the kinkiest coils to loose waves, we're celebrating natural hair in its many forms by sharing expert tips for styling, maintenance, and haircare.

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The Twisted Crown

This style echoes elegance as it looks like a twisted-crown. It's ideal for any bride, says Lewis, and actually pretty easy to achieve. "Even if you don't have very long hair, natural hair extensions can be used to create volume," says the stylist. "Use natural extensions with less 'crimps' in them so the overall look is smooth and the sections are well defined."

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The Alternative Infinity Twist

No matter the length of your natural hair, it's possible to achieve a glamorous updo with extensions. This look is great if you usually like to wear your hair up but want to create a style that has more shape and frames the face.

"This updo is a different take on the infinity twist," says Everett. "To achieve this look, make sure you keep your hair sleek at the back and on the sides, then add hair extensions to make the infinity twist the same width as your head — you can also add highlights within the hair extensions to make the style look more natural. Finish by tucking in the ends of the twist to keep it as neat as possible."

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The Sleek Ponytail

Sleek and effortless, this style is great for the bride who wants to spend less time fussing over her hair, and we guarantee you it will last till your final dance.

Slick your hair back, add a faux ponytail and forget about it for the rest of your day.

"The key to getting the perfect ponytail is ensuring you smooth the hair down using products with great hold that don't flake," says Lewis. "For the braid, a perfect balance between a thin and large size will make sure it's not too bulky or too skinny."

If you want to give this style a bit of a wow factor, Lewis recommends adding pearl pins down the length of the braid to take the style from 'that's nice' to 'wow'.

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The Large Accessory

natural hairstyle for wedding day

Whether you opt for a large hair accessory with pearls, diamantes, or something more unique, a bold hair clip can help dress up up even the simplest hairdo.

This style is perfect for the bride that wants an updo at the nape of her neck rather than the top of the head. Pulling back your hair off your face helps to accentuate your features and show off your wedding glam. "This style is also a beautiful way to show your natural coily hair texture, by expanding your twists to make them look larger and fuller," says Everett.

If you plan to dance the night away, this hairstyle is great as it only requires a few ponytail holders and bobby pins to keep it secure, so you won't have any stray strands at the end of the night.

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The Jumbo Twist Updo

"This is a great formal style and it's different from the typical bun that most brides wear," says Lewis "The style can be made as large or as compact as the shape of your face will allow ​​— the key to getting it perfect is to ensure you use the right amount of hair extension, so it has a nice balance with your face."

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Hair Jewels

Natural hairstyles for wedding day

Hair jewels are a beautiful way to accessorize short natural hair. "For this style, the jewels along the hairline, at the base of the bantu knots, create the shape of a half crown and draw attention to the face," says Everett. "To achieve this kind of shape, make sure your hair is a properly layered haircut, and set the hair with flexi-rods."

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Cornrow and Rolls

If you're looking for a natural style that can last beyond your wedding day and throughout the honeymoon, this is perfect. "This is a great look for the more unconventional natural hair bride," says Lewis.

"The key to perfecting this style is making sure you have straight lines, neat cornrows and smoothed out edges," says the stylist. "Also, make sure the rolls on top are not too loose so they come undone, and not too tight that they lose their shape."

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Twists and Braids

Natural wedding hairstyles

This look is perfect for the eclectic bride who wants a statement style that will turn heads as she walks down the aisle.

"The key to perfecting this head turner is to ensure that the updo is large enough to be seen from the front and profile. To keep it fun, integrate multiple hair textures such as faux locs, braids, and curls."

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The Color Twist

Changing your hair color for your wedding day will make a major statement, no matter what hairstyle you choose to do. This color is daring, bold and beautiful - but quite frankly, any color that's different from what you usually wear is bound to look hot!

If you're looking for an updo that will turn heads and start conversations, this style will do the trick. "I love this look as it incorporates two styles I love — flat twists, and roll tuck and pinned sections," says Lewis.

For this style, you're going to want to keep your flat twists as neat as humanly possible. The stylist says the key to beautiful flat twists is ensuring your fingers are flat on the scalp, maintaining consistent pressure as you go along — otherwise the flat twists will be loose, and not defined.

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The Braided Pineapple

If you love your hair texture and want to draw more attention to it, this is a great style to show off your curls. "I like this style because it's simple yet attention grabbing," says Everett.

"To create this style, ensure that the hairline is sleek ​​— I like to tie the hair down and set it in place," says the stylist. "To make your hair appear fuller or longer, you can add textured hair extensions ​​— this also helps maintain the shape of the style so it lasts longer."

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KLS Signature Rolled Updo

"This style is close to my heart as it is the first natural hair updo I created back in 2014," says Lewis. "I loved it so much I put a patent on it! It's a great wedding style as it's different from your regular low wedding buns and will definitely get you those extra admiring looks!"

According to Lewis, this style looks best on medium to thick kinky hair. "The looser the curl type, the less defined and smooth your rolls will be," she explains. "Also, pin placement is key so you don't ruin the illusion of rolls forming all around the head."

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