The 8 Best Satin-Lined Fall Hats and Hair Accessories to Avoid Breakage

And they look great.

Best Satin-Lined Fall Hats and Hair Accessories to Avoid Breakage
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Fall is here and it's time to adorn yourself with new hats and hair accessories, all while preventing breakage. Personally, I love to wear hats. Apart from them keeping my head warm, I feel like they add a stylish edge to any look. The same goes for hair accessories — an embellished headband can make a seemingly plain ponytail look ultra-chic.

Admittedly, I probably have over 30 hats, from wooly beanies to wide-brim fedoras, and my hair accessory collection is just as excessive. So, you'll understand how surprised I was when I learned that some of the material used to make my hats and hair accessories could break off my hair — yep, complete shock.

My discovery made me realize that it's important to pay attention to the type of hair accessories you wear, especially if you have natural hair. If you have to tug at your hat to get it off, or if you see that your hair sheds every time you remove a hairband, chances are you're damaging your hair.

According to celebrity hair stylist Kim Kimble, some hair accessories cause a lot of friction which pulls on the hair, dries it out, and results in damage. "It's best to wear satin or silk lined accessories as silk smooths over the hair, helps to reduce friction and retains moisture," she shares.

Enough said. And that's why we've compiled a list of accessories that look fabulous and won't damage your delicate natural strands.

Blissy Silk Skinny Scrunchies

Blissy Scrunchie

These silk skinny scrunchies are perfect for tying your hair in a ponytail — no frizz, no tugging, no damage — just pure silky smoothness. The pack of three comes with a gold, pink and black scrunchie, so you can match your outfit to one of your choice.

To shop: $50;

Kim Kimble Silk Rollers

Kim Kimble Silk Rollers

These rollers are luxurious and delicate. Their silk coating minimizes friction and prevents natural oils from escaping the hair. Get ready to reveal smooth, glossy, bouncy curls.

To shop: $35;

Slip Head Turban

Slip Turban

Do you toss and turn as you sleep? Believe it or not, the way you sleep at night can damage your hair. Even rubbing your hair against your cotton pillow can create a lot of friction. This double-lined silk turban is a fantastic way to protect your hair while you sleep — and it makes bedtime look extra glam.

To shop: $85;

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Rachel Silk Headband

Rachel Silk Headband

Pull your hair back with this super soft, lightweight silk headband. The elegant knot design is gentle on your tresses and helps protect the hair from damage

To shop: $29;

Grace Eleyae Moscato Wide Brim Hat

Grace Eleyae Hat

This sleek, wide brim hat is not just a fashionable way to cover your hair from the elements. The satin lining protects the hair from drying out, getting frizzy, and tangling. And if you're worried that it won't fit over your natural hair, you'll be surprised: the hat is made with an adjustable drawstring that allows you to tighten the fit for your comfort.

To shop: $100;

SILKE London Hair Wrap

Silke head wrap

This color-blocking silk turban is stylish enough to wear out or to protect your hair at bedtime. Place it over your locks to help eliminate frizz and flyaways. Handmade from mulberry silk, it works to repair and prevent breakage while balancing oily roots and dry ends.

To shop: $65;

France Luxe Kings Road Pony Silk Charmeuse

France Luxe

Turn a plain ponytail into a head turner with this silk scarf-scrunchie. The stylish accessory comes in a variety of colors and prints, including vibrant solids and retro psychedelic swirls

To shop: $72;

Gucci GG Floral Print Silk Headband

Gucci Headband

Give off effortless luxury vibes, while protect your hair in style with this soft, silky headband. The trendy design is part of a special collection and combines two of Gucci's most distinctive designs: the historic flora motif layered over the iconic GG motif.

To shop: $450;

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