6 Expert Natural Hairstylists and Influencers Share Their Go-To Hero Products

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Curly Hair Experts on Their Hero Product
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Back in the day, it seemed like the only product options for natural (or relaxed) hair were Blue Magic and Pink Lotion.

Thankfully, the natural haircare world has come a long way since only having products to match the rainbow — to the point where there are so many options, it's hard to even know where to begin now.

But don't fret if you're going through hair product woes, because we reached out to some of the best natural hair experts in the biz. From celebrity stylists to the internet's hottest influencers, find out what each of their go-to hero products are, and how they can benefit your curls and coils.

All of their picks, ahead.

Larry Sims

All Natural

"Right now, my-go to is the Flawless by Gabrielle Union Restoring Exotic Oil Treatment," says Larry Sims, hairstylist to stars like Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, and Regina King. "This unique oil drop treatment is super lightweight and can be used on all textures and [it's] versatile. A little drop goes a very long way, from root to tip. It's blended with moringa oil and coconut oil, perfect to reduce frizz, restore intense hydration, and nourish the scalp as well as protect hair from heat damage. It's amazing and it never leaves my kit."

exotic oil

To shop: $10; sallybeauty.com

Candace Witherspoon

All Natural

"A great hair regimen starts from the scalp — healthy scalp will encourage healthy hair growth. That's why my one hero product would be Innersense Organic Beauty Scalp Scrub," says Candace Witherspoon, owner of the Candace Witherspoon Salon in New York City. "It's a pre-cleanse exfoliating scalp treatment with rich ingredients, like volcano clay and other minerals, formulated to gently remove impurities. It has apple fruit that restores hydration to the scalp and peppermint oil to help stimulate blood flow."


To shop: $42; ulta.com

Courtney Danielle Bryant

All Natural

"I have so many products that I love but lately my go to has been the Living Proof Curl Moisturizing Shine Oil," says natural hair influencer Courtney Danielle Bryant. "I've been wearing a lot of stretched styles like flexirods, and simple protective styles like puffs and buns, and this product does it exactly what its name states: adds shine and softness. I love it because it's not a greasy formula. So whenever my hair looks or feels dry, I can put one to two pumps of this oil my hair and it brings an old style back to life. Another way I like to use it is by mixing it in with a moisturizer if I need to manipulate my hair to switch up the style."

living proof curly oil

To shop: $30; sephora.com

Ashley Hall

All Natural

"My one hero product is the Q-Redew Hair Steamer," says fellow natural hair influencer Ashley Hall. "I think hair steamers are essential, especially for curly hair, because they pump fresh water into the hair for maximum hydration. They also help to improve softness and elasticity. I love using my steamer weekly with hydrating deep conditioners, which is super important in caring for my color-treated hair. It's the best way to ensure that my hair is properly hydrated and remains healthy."

the best hair steamers for natural hair

To shop: $79; qredew.com

Naeemah LaFond

All Natural

"My go-to for defined long lasting coils that hold their style for days on end is the amika Curl Corp Enhancing Gel," expert hairstylist Naeemah LaFond, who's known for creating big, voluminous statement hair, shares. "It has a nice slip to it which allows you to breeze through each section of freshly washed hair with your detangling brush in record wash day time."

hair gel

To shop: $25; sephora.com

Jennifer Lord

All Natural

"Jah Roots Cream is my favorite product ever, because it is all natural and provides such great control for natural, highly textured hair," hair designer and loc expert Jennifer Lord shares. "It's extremely thick and works well to lay the hair for desired sleek styles. It contains mostly shea butter and emulsifies beautifully into the hair shaft. It is also great for loc maintenance and braiding extensions. The shine achieved from Jah Roots Cream is unmatched. I highly recommend this product for professional use and also for those with sufficient experience and knowledge in natural hair."

jah roots cream

To shop: $10; hairitage.biz

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