If You Have Natural Hair, You Need To Add These 10 Tools To Your Routine

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Tools To Add To Your Routine
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Let's be honest, maintaining natural hair isn't easy — wash days take a good amount of time, and on top of that, there are so different tools for general maintenance. And as the natural hair community continues to grow, more maintenance techniques are birthed, and lucky for us, with these techniques come new tools for us to use.

If you're a beginner to the natural hair journey it can be confusing to know where to begin, and with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which tools are worth your time and money.

Below, Jamila Powell, founder of Naturally Drenched and owner of Maggie Rose Salon, as well as celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms, share a few of their favorite tools for natural hair.

1. Spray Bottle


Every curly girl needs a spray bottle to give the hair an extra boost of moisture when styling or refreshing day-old curls. "A spray bottle can be found just about anywhere," says Powell. "They are super affordable, the dollar store even offers an excess of spray bottles in a variety of super cute colors!"

To shop: $6; amazon.com

2. Durable Hairbands

Goody Hairbands

I can't express how annoyed I get when a hairband snaps on me, especially when I've perfected my ponytail. According to Nelms, these hairbands will stand the test of time. "The Ouchless Forever Elastics are really comfortable, no snagging," says the hairstylist. "If your hair is really thick, you can trust that these bands won't break while making a ponytail."

To shop: $4; target.com

3. Detangling Brush

Tools To Add To Your Routine

If you have natural hair, you know it often has a mind of its own. A detangling brush can help tame your tangles, thus cutting your wash day routine in half. "When shopping for a detangling brush, look for a brush with soft bristles that won't tug on your hair," says Powell. "I designed a brush that easily tackles any tangled dilemma, it's called Brush With The Best Detangling Brush. The widely spaced flexi-bristles glide easily throughout your curls to gently release knots and move with your strands without pain or discomfort."

To shop: $19; naturallydrenched.com

4. Detangling Comb

Goody detangling comb

If you don't already have a wide-tooth detangling comb, you've been doing your locks an injustice. Wide-tooth detangling combs have been used to maintain natural hair since the beginning of time. I grew up using one, and although I've worn different styles over the years, it remains a staple in my hairstyling kit.

"Wide-tooth combs do a great job of detangling knots, tangles, and separating hair while minimizing excess breakage," says Nelms. "They are also great to use as a styling tool when you want to maintain volume."

To shop: $3; walmart.com

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5. Sectioning Clips

Tools To Add To Your Routine

If you have natural hair, you probably already know that working in sections as you style your hair is the easiest way to manage it. Using sectioning clips to hold back the hair is a simple way to make any styling process quicker and more manageable.

"If you prefer to wash your hair in sections, these clips can help make the process way easier," says Powell. "The Naturally Drenched Keep It Tight Styling Clips don't place any stress on your roots or ends so you can section, style, and cater to each curl."

To shop: $10; naturallydrenched.com

6. Edge Bush

Goody Edge Brush

No matter what style you're wearing, laying down natural edges can sometimes be a challenge. "This two-sided comb and brush is perfect for creating sleek shapes around your hairline no matter what curl type you have," says Nelms.

To shop: $7; target.com

7. Diffuser


A diffuser helps to evenly distribute air throughout natural hair for an effortless, bouncy look. "Diffusers help make your curls look defined and voluminous!" says Powell. "If you already own a blow dryer, you can buy a diffuser attachment."

To shop: $16; amazon.com

8. Bobby Pins

Goody Bobby Pins

If you're trying to create an updo, bobby pins are the trusted tool you'll need. These little must-haves will help keep hair out of your eyes and hold your hair in place when needed. "I love using these bobby pins for making updos," says Nelms. "They are reliable and strong enough to help create a secure and long-lasting foundation with any texture of hair."

To shop: $3; walmart.com

9. Satin Hair Bonnet

Satin Hair Bonnet

Every natural girl needs a satin scarf or bonnet to sleep with at night, to safely protect their strands and preserve those styles. "Satin scarfs also double up as a way to lay your edges in the morning," says Powell. "Lay your edges flat and wrap your scarf around the perimeter of your head for about five to 10 minutes and you'll have an instant hold for the day."

To shop: $6; target.com

10. Smoothing Hair Brush

Goody Brush

A good brush is essential for creating most styles and will help to easily smooth the hair. "This brush is great for creating ponytails, no matter what curl pattern you have," says Nelms. "It's a great tool for style versatility with all textures."

To shop: $7; target.com

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