Hands Down, This Is the Best Detangling Brush I've Ever Used

It's called Brush With the Best for good reason.

ALL NATURAL: Hands Down, This Is the Best Detangling Brush I've Ever Used
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When it comes to maintaining natural hair, especially if yours tends to be on the coilier side, detangling is paramount.

Not only does the process ensure product is distributed evenly across the hair shaft, but it will also help to combat damage and breakage — if done properly.

Typically, you should always start the detangling process at the ends, then work your way up to your roots. But there are times when traditional brushes, and even combs, can pull or tug at the hair and thus lead to breakage.

However, celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood developed the appropriately named Brush With the Best Detangler Brush that solves all of these problems and makes wash day a breeze. Simply put, it's the best hair brush to prevent breakage.

I've been using this tool for about two years and have noticed a serious reduction in shedding ever since. It's all thanks to the brush's innovative flexi-bristles, which spread apart as you move down the hair shaft — and lessen the strain put on strands as a result.

ALL NATURAL: Hands Down, This Is the Best Detangling Brush I've Ever Used
Brush with the Best

To shop: $18; amazon.com

I love to use this brush during the styling portion of my wash day. Not only for the obvious reasons, but I find that it does a great job of making sure my hair is properly coated in product, and also helps to define and clump my curls.

To use, I simply section out my hair, spritz on some water, then layer an oil and leave-in. Next, starting at the ends, I gently brush out my hair and work my way up to the roots. It typically only takes me a few seconds to get through each section.

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There's no denying that there are now a ton of detangling brushes out on the market (including knockoffs of Leatherwood's own), and I've tested many of them. But this tool, in particular, has earned both its title of Brush With the Best, as well as a consistent spot in my hair routine — and it won't be going anywhere.

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