13 Box Braid Styles That Will Make You Stand Out This Summer

And cut your getting ready time in half.

The Best Box Braid Styles for Summer
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If you're looking for a protective style to give your natural hair a break, box braids are a great solution. Brandy has been rocking them since her days of playing Moesha on the hit UPN series — and they are still her go-to style. Mary J. Blige turned up the heat with her blonde box braids in February, and Gabrielle Union rocked the style on her recent ski trip.

With so much versatility, it's easy to see why celebrities love this timeless style.

"You can style box braids in so many ways and they are suitable for different occasions," says Tamara Albertini, Holistic Master Braider and founder of Ancestral Strands. "You can wear them to work, out on the town, or even in a beautiful updo for a wedding."

There's a whole world of fabulous box braid styles to be explored, and there is no better time to try something new.

Below, we asked a few master braiders to share some box braid styles that will get you tons of compliments this summer.

Ombré Box Braids

Ombré styles aren't exclusively for loose hair, they can look great on braids too. These bold hot pink ends are a fun way to add color. "This style is very edgy, making it prefect for the coming summer months," says Albertini. "My clients always tell me what style and hair color they want. This client just said, 'Hey, I would like ombré pink ends,' and my answer was, 'You got it! Let's do it!'"

Highlight Box Braids

If you've been thinking about adding color to your box braids, but you're not sure if you want to take the plunge, highlights are a great way to test out a few colored braids without making a full commitment. "It's always fun to add highlights," says Pearl Ransome, Master Braider and founder of Pearl The Stylist Studio.

Triangular Part Box Braids

Box braids are typically characterized by box partings on the scalp, hence the name. However, there's no rule that says you can't change the partings every once in a while. For this look, Albertini adds her own spin on the traditional style by incorporating triangular parts. "One thing I love about braids is the number of styles you can do, and how you can tweak popular styles," says the stylist. "For this look, my client said she wanted triangular parts. Sometimes it's not only my brain working to add spice to the braid styles. My clients contribute to the creative process as well."

Colored Elastic Box Braids

The color you add to your braids doesn't always have to come from hair extensions. Hair accessories are another way to jazz up box braids for the summer. For this look, Ransome used colored elastic bands to add peeps of color throughout the hair.

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Beaded Box Braids

Give your braids an old school '80s vibe by stacking beads at the ends. Whether you choose to go with wooden beads, multicolored beads, or simple clear plastic, this look is a must for any summer festival — just imagine how your hair will jingle as you throw your hands up in the air to the beat of the music.

Fluorescent Box Braids

If you want a summer style that will make you stand out in a crowd, look no further. "Fluorescent box braids are trending right now and are perfect for clients who want something different," says Marlisha Lofton, Master Braider and Hair Extension Specialist. For this style, Lofton used the knotless braiding technique which gives the braids more flexibility and creates less tension on the scalp.

Fluorescent Braids and Blonde Highlights

"Colorful braids with extensions are perfect if you're looking to test hair colors on your skin tone without the major commitment of permanently dying your natural hair," says Erinn Courtney, StyleSeat hairstylist.

Make a statement with these fluorescent pink braids with blonde highlights. The bold, playful style is bound to get you attention and turn a few heads.

Colored Box Braid Bob

No one said braids have to be long, and no one said braids have to be black. The great thing about box braids is that you can tryout bright colors and be adventurous with styles.

This slanted box braid bob is a fun style if you want to experiment with the shape, length and color of your braids.

Goddess Box Braids

Looking for a chic, boho look? This protective style is the way to go! "The curly ends add a little flavor to the simple individual braids," says Courtney.

Box Braid Bun

Putting your box braids up in a bun is an easy way to create a glamorous look for a special occasion. Wrap the braids around the bun for a soft, elegant look.

Boho Box Braid Bob

Why have straight or curly braids, when you can have both? This box braid curly bob is a great playful style for summer and the length makes it easy to maintain. "Curls allow me to be more creative while styling and they add volume to this look," says Ransome.

Jumbo Box Braids

Although medium-sized box braids look fabulous, it's completely understandable if you don't want to sit still for five hours braiding your hair. Jumbo box braids often take less than half the time to install and you still get a sleek summer look with just as much versatility.

Bohemian Box Braids

These bohemian box braids showcase a mix of curly and straight braids and provide an effortless-chic vibe. "The long braids with flowing body waves are great for hanging out at the beach or lounging by the pool," says Lofton. "This is a great protective style. You can nourish your hair and scalp with all the essential oils it needs without weighing down the hair, because you can't see the oil on the braid extensions like you can with natural hair."

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