Why Bantu Knots Are the Style to Wear Year-Round

Simple, easy, cute — and two styles in one.

Bantu knots are truly that girl when it comes to natural hairstyling.

Not only are they easy to create, but they're a quick way to help get your hair out your face. Plus, they can be worn as is, be taken down once the hair has dried to create a loosely-defined style, or picked out into a fluffy afro.

Personally, I'm a fan of the latter.

Another plus? They're the perfect style to wear year-round. In the summer, count on Bantu knots to keep your hair off your shoulders and your scalp open to the air. In the winter, having your hair up and ends wrapped away will prevent breakage from the friction of your delicate hair rubbing against coats and scarves. Also, they are simply a gorgeous structural style, which is why so many celebs are fans.

"Bantu knots are popular because any natural texture or even relaxed textured hair can wear them," says Camille Friend, hair expert and lead stylist for Black Panther. "Also, it's a protective style, meaning it's a style that you can wear without damaging your hair; it actually protects your hair."

In terms of styling, Friend is a fan of using Hask products when creating beautiful Bantu knots — her go-to brand to use on set.

Why Bantu Knots Are the Style to Wear Year-Round
Mike Von/Unsplash/InStyle

Her favorite products from the collection? The 5 in 1 Leave-In Spray, Curl Defining Cream, and Curl Shaping Jelly" from the brand's Curl Care line.

"Use 75% Curl Defining Cream and 25% Curl Shaping Jelly mixed in your hand and apply to your hair to hold the Bantu knots together," Friend shares. "There are a number of different ways to create your Bantu knots, you can braid or twist your hair in order to create the knots. The Wakanda knots worn by Lupita Nyong'o in Black Panther were directly inspired by Bantu knots. Those were achieved by twisting the hair down into itself to create more of a cinnamon roll shape."

Bantu Knot Styling Inspiration

Small, Neat, and Petite

Actress and founder of Pattern Beauty Tracee Ellis Ross used her own haircare products to create small and chic Bantu knots. She paired the look with an all-yellow outfit and finished the look off with a bright red lip.

Keep It Simple

Don't have time to do a full head of Bantu knots? Take a major key from Keke Palmer's playbook and just create two to mimic the look of space buns.

Pretty and Protective

Having a protective style in won't stop you from create gorgeous Bantu knots. Celebrity hairstylist Rio Sreedharan used faux locs to give Yara Shahidi's look extra dimension and protection.

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