Alicia Keys - Hair Transformation
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty

How do we love Alicia Keys? Let us count the ways. We love the star's impeccable vocal range—more often than not, we have one of her albums on repeat during the workday. We love how involved she gets with social issues, using her celebrity platform to speak about things important to all of us, like racial and gender equality. We love her beautiful family, and every picture she posts of them, and we love her unique style paired with her approach to natural beauty.

Most recently, we are completely in love with the pink, orange, and yellow braids she revealed on Instagram over the weekend.

Alicia Keys - New Hair
Credit: aliciakeys/Instagram

Painting with all the colors of the wind may be one tall order, but Keys has somehow managed to take every hue from a summer sunset and incorporate them into her braids. Not surprisingly, the full view of her new look is just as stunning as her close-up.

Obsessed is not even the word. #SummerHair goals are in full force.

VIDEO: How It’s Done: Alicia Keys’ Braided Topknot

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