16 '90s Hairstyles That Are Back For Fall

Billie Eilish with chin-length platinum blonde hair and bangs
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Everywhere we look, it seems we are surrounded by nostalgic references, fashion statements, and beauty tricks. Celebs are even dating in reverse (looking at you, Bennifer.)

But the '90s specifically seem to be dominating the hair industry, from over the top accents to bouncy curls. And according to Matrix Hair Care artistic director Nick Stenson, "messy bangs, pixie cuts, and layered hair will be popular throwbacks this fall."

So scroll through for some killer '90s-inspired hairstyles, from celebrities who are currently rocking the trend modern day to our favorite throwback looks from the decade itself.

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Braided Top Knot

Gabrielle Union with long braids in a bun with pieces flowing out
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Nothing screams '90s girl group like long braids and a chic trendy top knot. Take some tips from Gabrielle Union and leave a few braids out to frame your face for that beloved quintessential '90s style.

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Messy Bangs

Demi Lovato with messy bangs and a short shag hair style
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Demi Lovato is currently perfecting this nostalgic look. The style features uneven, disheveled bangs that sweep across their forehead, reminiscent of '90s grunge.

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Modern Layers

Billie Eilish with chin-length platinum blonde hair and bangs
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Earlier this year, Billie Eilish went platinum blonde and opted for a layered bob, which Stenson calls "an awesome modernized version of '90s layers." And we couldn't agree more.

To execute Billie's flawlessly choppy look with volume and hold, Stenson recommends using the Matrix High Amplify Foam Volumizer ($18; ulta.com).

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Pixie Cut

Rubi Rose with a tousled pixie cut with highlights
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When it comes to pixie cuts, the options are practically limitless. Stenson suggests opting for a tousled pixie, like Orange is the New Black star Ruby Rose's chic cut here.

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Butterfly Embellishments

Lisa Bonet with butterfly clips in her loc hairstyle
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In case you haven't noticed, butterfly accessories are literally everywhere right now. And what's more '90s than a butterfly claw clip? Use it to clip back your hair or accent an updo like Lisa Bonet's look here.

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The Rachel

Jennifer Aniston with "The Rachel" haircut with face framing layers
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Even if you didn't watch Friends, chances are you knew about "The Rachel." In fact, most of your friends probably had this haircut at one point. Featuring face-framing, angled layers and lots of body, it was one of the defining hairstyles of the '90s.

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Crimped Hair

Christina Aguilera with blonde and red crimped hairstyle
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Brands like Drybar and Bed Head recently launched modern versions of the crimping iron, so seeing Christina Aguilera's look on your walk to work might actually become a reality. Well, maybe minus the hot pink low-lights.

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Drew Barrymore with short blonde hair with a flower clip
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The daisy is the ultimate '90s flower, so obviously all your favorite celebrities stuck it in their hair. Drew Barrymore was a huge proponent of the trend, wearing the flower on either side of her curly bob.

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Bouncy '90s Curls

Mariah Carey with honey blonde bouncy curls
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Before the perm became more of a permanent beachy wave treatment, it was known for giving customers Mariah Carey-level curls.

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High Pigtails

Geri Halliwell with blonde high pig tails hairstyle
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One thing we want just as much as a year-long Spice Girls reunion tour? Baby Spice's high pigtails to regain their popularity.

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Bouncy Blowouts

Cindy Crawford with a brunette blowout hairstyle
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Before the Internet freaked out over Kate Middleton's blowouts, the world was in awe of Cindy Crawford's ultra-shiny, bouncy head of hair.

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Voluminous Updos

Halle Berry with a voluminouss updo hairstyle
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No '90s prom was complete without voluminous updos that featured short strands and tendrils purposefully left out around the face.

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Skinny Headbands

Britney Spears with permed wavy hairstyle with a skinny headband accessory
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Sorry, Blair Waldorf! Britney Spears was the headband queen before anyone even knew what Gossip Girl was. The '90s take on this classic was a super-thin or zigzagged band placed in permed or blown-out hair.

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Hair Jewels

Danielle Fishel with an updo hairstyle with hair jewel accessories
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Gemstones didn't just line jeans' back pockets in the '90s — these sparklers were the finishing touch for any hairstyle that needed a little extra something.

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Choppy Bob

Meg Ryan with a blonde choppy bob hairstyle
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You've got mail, Meg Ryan. It's millions of women writing to tell you how much they envied your layered, choppy bob.

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Hair Twists

Alicia Silverstone with a brunette hair twist hairstyle and hair jewel accessories
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Why only accessorize your updo with gemstones, headbands, and face-framing strands? More was more in the '90s, and Alicia Silverstone's updo proves it. Notice the twisted knots placed right before her sparkly hair jewels.

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